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dating for marriage

Everything about Dating: What Is It?

Perhaps everybody has heard such a word as “dating” which these days became very popular. But are you sure that you understand it correctly? What is dating? What stages does …

best time to get married

The Right Time to Get Married Nowadays

After dating for a while, people start to think about getting married. Some of them just decide to follow their heart, while others are more rational and decide to discover …

sex on the first date

Sex on the First Date: What Experts Say

Earlier, most people were sure that sex on the first date is a bad idea if they wanted to build a serious relationship. Frankly speaking, it was the position of …

dating abroad

All You Should Know about Dating Abroad

There are so many ways to start dating abroad. You can come across a special person while having a rest in another country, going on a business trip, working, or after registration on a popular dating platform.

types of acquaintances

Common Types of Acquaintances to Try

When you decide to meet the same-minded person for casual meetings, chatting, making friends, or building a family, you should decide what type of acquaintance may help you quickly reach your purpose and do not waste much effort on it.

dating site