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Not many men agree to such a cardinal step in their lives as a wedding with a foreign woman. And if you decide to take this important step in your life, you need to weigh the pros and cons. You shouldn’t ask your friends for advice. I’m not sure if you have a friend who is dating in Hungary. Let a dating coach help you figure out and come to the finals in this difficult challenge. I have prepared for you a comprehensive guide to finding a Hungarian bride and will share with you proven and reliable information. 

👧 Average brides age29 y.o.
😍 Popular cities to find bridesBudapest, Eger, Baradla, Debrecen
✅ Best dating sitesVictoriyaс
😎 Divorce rate15%
🎯 Marriage success rate89%
💰 Average cost of Hungarian brides dating$4000–$23,900

What Do I Need to Know Dating a Hungarian Lady

I find it hard to believe that men can be satisfied with “average”. Like any girl, men also want to be loved, to feel cared for by their partner, to be significant in the family. Men want to have an ideal Hungarian dating in USA. A Hungarian girl can be exactly the kind of wife you dreamed of. Do you want a happy married life? Then look what are the Hungarian girls.

Pros and Cons of  Hungarian Brides

👨‍👩‍👦 They are family-oriented and promote patriarchy 

Be prepared for your Hungarian wife to dissolve into you completely. For her, patriarchy in the family is important, so she will proudly wear your surname in the wedding field. So she emphasizes her loyalty to the man, shows how much she values your relationship and that she will not cross you. But if we’re talking about family life, she’s the main one. Hungarian singles dating believe that the order in the seven is entirely their prerogative and merit. It is she who will manage the household, create coziness and bring up your children.

👍 Honoring family and traditions

For Hungarian mail order brides, family values and traditions always come first. They will not forgive you for missing a child’s birthday party or a family feast in the circle of close people. If you decide to marry these girls at the age of 25-30 years, then be prepared that immediately after the wedding her relatives will throw you questions about when you will have your first child. Yes, family is the main thing for them.

👀They are attentive

Hungarians in general tend to be interested in other people’s affairs. Relatives will be ready to share with you tips on household management, work and even the right choice of furniture for your future home. They have only good intentions, so you should not take such advice as instructions. No one wants to teach you, it’s just the way they are.

💪 Hungarian women are hardworking and ambitious

Despite the fact that family will always be the main thing for them, Hungarian brides are not afraid of difficulties and are ready to realize themselves. They go to universities if they have the financial ability to do so. They know what they are doing and know their worth. They tend to be smart, well-read, and knowledgeable about many things, even how to repair a car. Don’t tell them what to do. They are smart enough to figure things out on their own. But if somewhere they don’t know how to find a way out, they will always ask you for help.

🫦 They are sexy and hot

Hungarian women do not shy away from picking sexy outfits that will elegantly yet alluringly emphasize the silhouettes of their figure. They will gladly show you their charming body features and they are proud of it. They are overly demanding about their appearance, they do not abuse caloric food and alcoholic beverages.

Hungarian Mail Brides: Best Profiles of Charming Beauties

Hungarian women are unique. Undoubtedly, you will find something in common with them, similar features of appearance and even character. But at the same time, each girl has her own zest and knows how to win your heart. Take a look at the profiles of these beauties and you will hardly want to pass by.

Firebird, 36

Firebird, 36

Annita, 22

Annita, 22

Kalli, 32

Kalli, 32

✍️ What You Need to Know About Hungarian Dating Culture

You should not be afraid of marrying a Hungarian bride. Here, couples who have decided to legalize their relationship are treated leniently. Nowadays, few people observe the Hungarian girls dating culture and national wedding traditions with meticulous rigor. Only the couple decides what wedding rituals will be included in the marriage ceremony. I will tell you about some of them so that you know what you need to be prepared for.

Marriage age

In Hungary, family always comes first, which is why it is compulsory to get married. It is one of the countries with an extremely low rate of families living in common-law marriages. Previously, girls tended to marry before the age of 25. If this did not happen they were considered old and not interesting for marriage. Now this threshold has increased and is 27-29 years old. 

Bride fairs

This is a very ancient custom, but even in the modern world it has not lost its popularity. Of course, nowadays there is the internet, and Hungarian women dating continue to register on dating sites wanting to meet a Western man. But even now you can come to Hungary and visit a bride fair. This custom is that relatives come with a potential bride to neighboring towns where they organize public viewing. The bride socializes with potential grooms, treats them to wine and delicious appetizers.

Special wedding dresses

Hungarians have not stopped honoring traditional attire, and even in modern wedding dresses you will find elements of Hungarian national dress. White dresses are not popular, the priority is the golden color abundantly decorated with bright colors, most often red. The skirt of the dress should be puffy and just below the knees.

Exchange of purses

When the future newlyweds arrive at the ceremony site, they exchange handkerchiefs and purses as a sign of mutual trust. This tradition is still observed today. In this way the Hungarian bride shows that she trusts her husband, that she will protect the family comfort and strive for mutual understanding and respect in the family. 

👩🏻‍ Hungarian Brides Dating: Where to Meet The Perfect Mail Order Women

online dating vs offline pic

For the last 15 years, the world of modern man has been divided into real and virtual. The virtual world attracts us with its simplicity. The Internet has become an important part of our everyday life. We buy products online, apartments, cars, books, work and even meet new people. 

Internet is 100%free Hungarian dating and your first helper if you want to meet a charming Hungarian bride. Internet dating can be solid and finding a Hungarian bride will not be a difficult task for you. You can register on a dating app. Your phone is always by your side, so you can use Tinder or Badoo at any time. 

If you are experienced enough in online dating, then pay attention to international dating sites. It is a kind of a big supermarket where you can get a forever or temporary Hungarian wife, lover, or faithful friend. Solve the problem of your loneliness, don’t be afraid to experiment, and I will help you select reliable resources.

👩‍❤️‍👨 Hungarian Dating Sites: Best Places to Find Your Match

reliable dating service is your first and reliable assistant in your search for mail order Hungarian brides. The site is very popular and most importantly affordable. Among the free options you can reading inbox messages, attaching photos to messages, viewing photos and videos, turning on your webcam and winking and likes. Paid features are available to everyone. For example, for chat with webcam you will pay only 1 credit per minute. The most you will pay for buying girls contacts. You will pay 299 credits for one. There are more than 5000 single girls here, so you are sure to find your soul mate. Use the special filter and simplify the process of finding a bride. 

International Cupid – is suitable for those who are looking for a serious relationship. This is a reliable dating site with transparent conditions, emphasizes the “purity” of the audience and the selection of real profiles of single girls. Here is a serious check and verification of identity to avoid fraud and deception. Information about the site is available in all social networks, and there is also access to documents confirming the legal activities. 

perfect dating online

place for love is a fairly popular dating site with the ability to match Hungarian women and a nice number of free features. Among the free features are sending and being able to read messages, adding a photo to a message, likes and sending emoticons. This standard set of options is enough to start a conversation with girls from Hungary. If you need more, you can always buy credits and start video chatting with Hungarian brides. 

💍 How to Attract a Hungarian Dating Lady

Unfortunately, we live in the age of global loneliness, as everyone is stuck up to their ears in daily routine and work. Dating sites have become a lifeline and a reliable helper in finding a wife. But how can we find sincere love if we can only choose beautiful faces on the screen of a smartphone? Here are some tips on where to start your journey in search of a Hungarian beauty and your future wife.

👉 Read the questionnaire and ask questions

The questionnaire gives us a lot of useful information about a Hungarian bride. We can find out her age, weight, height, hobbies and many other details. In the questionnaire, we can see the richness of her inner world if we are extremely careful. Here she can tell you about her favorite books, the essence of love and how to build a strong relationship.  The questionnaire helps to pre-assess your candidate. Next, text and ask questions. Show your interest and feel how the Hungarian nude brides open up and share with you their thoughts, desires and dreams. 

👉 Avoid intimate questions

Hungarian brides don’t register on a dating site to discuss the size of their breasts. Don’t be an inadequate person. If you are here, show respect for her. Believe me, if you manage to attract her attention, fall in love with her real self, she will reveal all her secrets to you and find time to talk about the most important and intimate things. 

👉 More compliments and attention

Hungarian girls are very responsive and they will be ready to give you extraordinary pleasure and love if they feel your warmth. Do not forget about compliments while communicating with them. It is important for them to feel your reverent attention. 

👉 Be careful!

It is believed that every tenth user of dating sites is a scammer. Of course, we can tolerate if the Hungarian bride will tell you about her real weight or hide the presence of freckles. But someone else’s photo on the avatar or its absence is a serious reason to doubt the honesty of her intentions. Sometimes scammers register on behalf of girls and try to trick you out of as much money as possible. Ask for real photos in the club or at home. Then you will have no doubts. Better yet, read our detailed tips on how to avoid being scammed. 

📌 Hungarian Dating Site: How to Avoid Scammers

Before I gave you some advice, I registered on several dating sites. I was immediately surprised by the fact that an empty profile and a photo with a sunshine attracted the attention of a dozen pretty girls and all wrote to me about how beautiful I am. Do you understand what I’m getting at? Such little things will save your wallet and nerves from unwanted acquaintances. Also, don’t forget three tips:

Take the time to buy credits and paid subscriptions

Avoiding fake profiles is easy. Just be attentive. If a girl repeats herself in phrases, forgets what she was talking about or can’t tell you for a long time what she did today at work, it means she needs time to come up with this information and she’s scamming. Before you pay for paid services, try socializing for free,  and make new acquaintances on your own. Ask questions, memorize what she says and soon you will realize whether this bride from Hungary is real or a fake.

Hungarian Dating Lady

Check the photo

Just check her photo by doing a google search. Fake profiles most often take the avatar from a stock photo and if it’s fake, you’ll easily find that photo there. If the person is real, you will most likely find her profile on social media.

Don’t send money

“Throw me money for the ticket…”, “I wanted to fly in, but I don’t have enough to book a hotel room…”.  – there are thousands of ways you can get scammed. I understand that you may be overwhelmed by unreal emotions and you may think you are in love. But I advise you to always keep a cool head. The scammer will not communicate with you for longer than a couple weeks. He will realize that it is useless and will switch to another. But if a real Hungarian bride is interested in you, she will write to you until you decide to have a real meeting. 

🔎 Conclusion

What other arguments are needed to convince you that Hungarian girls are the best women to create a strong family and a reliable marriage? Their sexuality can confuse the most desperate catcher. They are cheerful and sincere in conversation, they are open to new acquaintances and communication. And the family you create together will be your strong support in this world.


What is the free dating app in Hungary?
There are no completely free apps in Hungary. All dating sites and apps have a certain set of free features and those for which you have to pay.
Does Hungary has Tinder?
If you have traveled to Budapest and decided to find a girl in this beautiful city, you can always download Tinder and find a Hungarian bride nearby.
Can foreigners get married in Hungary?
Yes, of course, it’s possible. You need to be unmarried, get a 90-day visa and apply to the special authorities for permission.
What do you need to get married in Hungary?
Among the main requirements are to be of legal age, to have lived in Hungary for at least one month before the marriage, and not to be officially married.
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