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Probably every woman wants her man to love her, appreciate her, and miss her when they are not together. If you do not receive the attention you deserve, you will have to make some efforts to give him a chance to miss you. It is important to understand that not all men are romantic, dreamy, and those who count down the seconds until you meet. For the average man, his activities and hobbies come first, then his friends, and then you and your relationships. So if you wonder how long does it take a man to miss you, then it depends on how close you are to him. Luckily, it does not require any love spells to make him miss you, but only some texting psychology tricks and patience. 

How to Make a Guy Miss You

making a guy miss you

Creating a sense of longing and desire in your absence is a challenge. However, the tips that we have for you today should not be used to manipulate or play games with someone you are in love with. Consider some of these suggestions for making a guy miss you. 

1. Give him space

All of us in relationships should have time for our own activities and interests. Let the man do his business. This allows him to appreciate the time he spends with you and miss your presence. When you have nothing interesting to share with the person and spend too much time together, it may begin to annoy you. 

2. Be independent

Show him that you have a fulfilling life outside of the relationship. It will make you more attractive and desirable. Women who rely on men in most aspects of their relationships usually experience less interest from their loved ones. 

3. Limit contact

Don’t be ready to help him out in a flash. A person cannot realize your importance when you are constantly nearby. Of course, regular communication helps close relationships, but spacing out your messages or calls can create anticipation and make him miss talking to you. 

4. Be mysterious

Make sure you don’t share all the details about yourself at once. Keep an air of mystery, and let him get to know you over time. This can make the guy curious and eager to spend more time with you. If you are like an open book, the man will no longer be interested in you. 

5. Be positive and happy

People are naturally drawn to positivity. If you’re generally happy and positive, he’ll associate those good feelings with you and miss being around that positive energy. This is not an easy task because, from a psychological point of view, people find it easier to have negative attitudes than to be positive. However, you should try to develop the habit of being a cheerful person. 

6. Be confident

Confidence is an attractive and effective weapon. When you are confident, it can make him miss your presence and want to be around someone who gives off self-assurance. Agree, people are most often drawn toward individuals who are similar to themselves or who they want to be. 

7. Create memorable experiences

Every time you spend time together, make it special and memorable. These cheerful moments will linger in his mind when you’re not around. An excellent option could be activities that he experiences for the first time with you. Thus, he will look forward to your new adventure eagerly.

8. Look your best

Remember that there are plenty of rivals among you, so you should take care of yourself. Your appearance should be a reflection of your inner world. When you feel good, it reflects on how you look, and your man is more likely to miss your presence. 

9. Maintain a sense of humor

If a sense of humor is not your strong suit, then you should practice it. Being able to make a man laugh will trigger him to think about you whenever he wants some positive vibes. He’ll miss the joy and humor you bring to his life. 

10. Be supportive

Take a special interest in goals and dreams. 60% of men miss a woman who is supportive and encouraging. It creates a sense of emotional connection that he may miss when you’re not around. 

How to Make Him Miss You After a Breakup

Post-breakup situations require a special approach and different advice on making the ex-boyfriend miss you. If your goal is to promote reconciliation and make a person realize your value, consider the following practical tips:

  • Don’t initiate contact. Refrain from reaching out, texting, or calling for a certain period (at least a few weeks).
  • Focus on self-improvement. Try new hobbies, exercise, or engage in activities that make you happy.
  • Stay active on social media. Share positive aspects of your life. Don’t overdo it, but let him see that you are enjoying your life. 
  • Keep a positive attitude. Don’t post or give comments about the breakup.
  • Spend time with friends. Socializing can help you feel better and show your ex that you have a fulfilling life.
  • Focus on the good memories. If you communicate, avoid blaming or making negative comments about the past. 
  • Send a thoughtful message. Consider sending a casual and friendly message after some time. Keep it light and without any expectation of getting back together.
  • Give him time to understand. Rushing into things or pressuring him to miss you can have the opposite effect. 

How to Make Him Miss You Through Text: 33 Messages

Make Him Miss You Through Text

If your relationship develops online and you are not a wordsmith, then it is important not only how much time you spend on chats, but also what you write. Using missing-you templates doesn’t mean that you’re overly strategic or manipulative. Sending right and thoughtful messages can keep you on his mind. These 33 examples of messages can help with making a man miss you.

Messages to awaken memories

  1. “Just had the best [food/activity]! It reminded me of the time we [shared a similar experience].”
  2. “Stumbled upon your photos today. It made me smile. 😊”
  3. “Thinking about the incredible conversations we used to have. Miss those!”
  4. “I came across our old messages. They made me feel nostalgic for our chats!”
  5. “Remember how we used to make each other laugh? Those were the best times!”
  6. “I remember how much you loved [hobby]. Do you still pursue it?”
  7. “Visited [place] today. It brought back memories of our time there.”
  8. “I tried a new workout class. It reminded me of the times we used to exercise together online.”

Messages to get a mutual response

  1. “I hope your day is going well. I randomly thought of you!”
  2. “I tried cooking [dish he likes]. Not as good as yours, but getting there!”
  3. “Hey! I saw [something that reminds you of him] and couldn’t help but think of you.”
  4. “I found this [book/movie] and thought you might like it too.”
  5. “I listened to [song] and it brought back memories of us. What’s your favorite song lately?”
  6. “I’ve been exploring new places lately. Any favorite spots you’ve discovered?”
  7. “Your favorite [TV show] just released a new season. Excited to watch it!”
  8. “I send ending positive vibes your way. You deserve all the happiness!”
  9. “I went to a [event] today. I wish you were there to experience it too!”
  10. “Sending you a virtual high-five for being awesome!”
  11. “I found a quote that reminded me of you: [insert meaningful quote].”
  12. “I spent the day doing things that make me happy. What’s making you happy these days?”
  13. “I had a dream about you last night. It brought back some good memories.”
  14. “I came across this [podcast] and thought you might find it interesting too.”
  15. “I just wanted to drop a quick hello and let you know I’m thinking of you.”
  16. “I tried a new recipe. Wish you were here to taste it!”
  17. “I hope you’re surrounded by good vibes and positive energy today!”


As you can see, there are so many easy ways to make your boyfriend miss you. The main thing in this matter is systematically, which develops the habit of missing you. You can also give a man cute notes, spray his stuff with your perfume, or make some gifts—all this will remind him of you. In addition to this, you should stand out in the crowd – use your strong point. Without a doubt, the man will remember this and look forward to it again. Use the following recommendations as if you were adding firewood to the fire of love.

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