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You have a special friend in your life. You are never tired of communication, even after spending the whole day together. All his jokes make you laugh, and you feel good when he is around. You like the same TV shows, music, books, etc. One day you suddenly notice how beautiful his eyes are. You are constantly thinking about him, and looking for any excuse to meet or send a message. Then you pay attention to his arms, legs, and body. What soft lips! Oh, wait, wait, this is a close friend. You’ve known each other for many years! But it is too late, as you understand that your feelings towards this person have changed. What should you do now? How can you share your feelings?  Perhaps these and even more similar questions devour your heart. We hope that you will find all the necessary answers in this article.

Love and Friendship Go Hand in Hand

The first feeling that most people may experience in such a situation is confusion. But, falling in love with a best friend is not surprising. Often the strongest love relationships develop between those who are good friends. But when you wonder if something more is possible between you, trying to take the step from friendship to a romantic relationship, it can seem like something serious and even treacherous.

First of all, you need to understand whether you want to express feelings directly. You should realize that once you do this, there are only two possible options. You are either going to gain true love or lose your friend forever. Let’s face the truth, the situation when two just try on going to be friends forgetting about sincere confession happens rarely. So if you decide to reveal your feelings, then follow these steps.

Get ready

If you have thought twice and are sure that you want to go to the next level, then get ready. Stay alone, and write down all your thoughts and ideas. Try to choose the best words to express your feelings. If you feel too excited, then stand in front of the mirror and practice before meeting your friend.

Check his mood

If your friend is joking and laughing a lot, then perhaps it is not the best moment to reveal your real feelings. The same is true for situations when he is busy with work, or feels tired. You’d better wait for a more suitable moment as this is quite a serious step. 

Do not make fun

If you start to tell some funny stories or jokes, then your friend will think that your confession about romantic feelings is also a joke. You’d better make sure that he is listening to you attentively and is not distracted by a smartphone or any other stuff.

Look directly into his eyes

Once you understand that he focuses all his attention on you, and listens carefully, look directly into his eyes. Try to overcome your emotions and recall all words that you put down on the sheet of paper. Say everything at once, and do not keep your emotions. Let your heart guide you.

Wait for the answer

Do not speed up things and let the man realize your words. If he doesn’t answer instantly and changes the topic, then give him more time, as perhaps he also feels nervous. There is no doubt that your friend will answer when he is ready and understands own feelings.

Last-Minute Tips

Do you still feel a little bit nervous? Consider a few more great tips from experts:

·         Make sure that you really love him. There is nothing worse than saying something to someone, then realizing that it is not true, and finally taking your words back.

·         If he doesn’t share your feelings, or even if he does, you may feel awkward in each other’s company for a while.

·         Don’t look at the floor when you confess to him. Keep your head high, show that you take everything seriously.

·         Don’t expect too much right away, but don’t give up hope and be patient!

Anyway, it’s quite clear that if you have romantic feelings for your best friend you shouldn’t keep it a secret, in another case you can lose the chance to find your happiness.

What to Do if He Says No?

Be ready that the man may offer to remain friends after your confession. Try to keep your emotions, and stay away for some time. Yes, his decision is painful, but you will have to accept it.  Remember that a true friend is the highest value in life, so is it worth ruining such a friendship over a short romance? Having a great relationship is only possible if both partners love each other. If only one loves, there will be no happiness for sure. Try to distract yourself, find new hobbies, and make acquaintances with another guy. Modern men like meeting on a dating website, so you do not have to go out to start a new, successful life story. 

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