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Well, let’s start by admitting that cheating is bad. People who are happy in a relationship will hardly ever deceive their partners just for fun. Still, different things happen and even the most loyal man may decide to cheat on his wife. Despite the reason which makes you act like this, you should clearly understand that not everyone is born to cheat. In other words, not all men can lie well, or hide something from their wives. It can be really challenging. So, if you still are going to cheat on your spouse and you fully realize all consequences, then you need to be careful not to look like an idiot in the long run. How? Today we are going to find it out.

Come up with a Reliable Password

Despite the device you use for communication with your lover, it is extremely important to make sure that it has a secure password. Do not use passwords that your significant other may guess: common dates, your birthday, your mother’s name, etc.  Do not write down it as your spouse may find your notes as well. Moreover, it is recommended to block your device not to get into an awkward situation. Just imagine that you are sitting beside your wife, and suddenly a window with naughty text appears on your screen. In case you start to suspect that your woman guesses your password, you should change it immediately. By the way, it would be better if you refresh a password regularly, but make sure you remember it well.

Rename Your Lover in Contacts

Agree that it would be strange and dangerous if your wife sees how someone with a female’s name calls/texts you. In this case, you will experience real difficulties with explaining who is that. That’s why you need to rename your lover. It may be quite challenging but after all, you should do your best. Think of names that sound pretty common. It would be great if you come up with the name of the person who writes or calls you regularly. For example, you have a friend Ben, let it be Bennn or Ben 2, etc. It should be simple, and predictable. Otherwise, your wife may suspect something unusual. 

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Delete all Messages from Your Phone

Mind that when cheating on your wife, it is not the right time to be too sentimental. You need to delete all messages, even if they mean a lot to you and you like rereading them from time to time. Even if you have the strongest password, it’s better not to leave your phone with tons of romantic or even naughty messages. The same works for photos. Having any pictures with another woman is not only silly but risky for your marriage. Remove these photos from your device and keep them in a safer place. 

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Don’t Tell Anybody about Cheating 

Do you want to know how to cheat on your wife? Well, do not let anybody know about your romance. Otherwise, you risk making things evident one day. Even if you share this secret with a small group of people, there are no guarantees that they would keep silent.  Consciously or unconsciously they may tell it either to your spouse or to other people who hardly can be trusted.  If you still need someone to share this fact with, make sure that the person is reliable enough. 

Let Your Lie Be as Simple as Possible

Some guys invent so extraordinary stories that their wives understand everything at once. Instead of telling how you helped your friend’s granny to cross the road, or that the bill from the sex shop is not yours, you’d better tell something simple and evident. When stories are just such, you do not need to come up with extra explanations. Otherwise, you risk complicating everything even more. So, avoid telling any strange facts that have nothing in common with reality. Also, make sure that your story will not draw even more attention to your cheating. Sometimes wives get even cuter about lies they hear, that’s why you need to be accurate about words that are coming out of your mouth. 

Select Only One Channel for Communication

Do you have a few gadgets that you are using actively? Well, now you need to choose one that you will use for chatting with another woman. It would be easier to keep an eye on it and prevent your spouse from checking it. You will be able to get rid of all evidence from one place quicker. Also, make sure that you are logged out from the rest of the devices. 

Accept the Wife’s Suspicions

How to successfully cheat on your wife? Pretend that she is right. It would be worse if you start to answer her suspicions. It’s better to accept her game and state that you understand how awful she feels. Listen to her attentively and let her say everything she wants. In case your spouse sees that you are calm and do not hurry to convenience her about anything, your chances to escape from a fight increase a few times.  

How to Cheat on Your Wife Successfully

Mind Your Schedule 

If you want to cheat on your wife and not deal with negative consequences, then you should mind your schedule. This way, you always will have extra options. Otherwise, your wife will start to suspect something at once. For example, you have time for attending the gym or art studio. This will be your chance to see your lover and do not make things suspicious. Pay attention that involving common friends or relatives is not a good idea for sure. It’s better to choose options when your wife doesn’t have the opportunity to check the information and find out whether you have been to a particular place or not. 

Put an End to Your Affair

If your wife doesn’t stop to suspect your cheating, then it is better to stop at least for a while. It is important especially if you promised to change your behavior.  Let her cool down, and draw her attention to something else rather than follow you all the time.  In other words, if you do not want to lead everything to divorce, then you should be careful and be able to stop at a risky point. After all, you should decide what is more important for you – a comfortable environment at home or a few naughty nights with your lover. 

Prepare a Plan B

Even if you follow all tips on how to cheat on your wife, there are risks that your spouse will catch you later or earlier. Therefore, you need to have a plan B. This way, you get prepared for some unexpected turns and reduce tension between you and your wife. For example, if someone saw you with another woman in a pub, you can say that it was your old friend from college. In case you looked too exhausted after a hot date, you may mention a hard day at work, etc.  These are only a few variations that you can use to escape from being caught with another lady and save your marriage. 

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In the Nutshell

Some men cheat on their wives because of alcohol or consuming other strange substances. Other guys fall in love with another woman and can’t control their feelings. All in all, the reasons may be different. Whether you decide to cheat on your wife or it happened by your mistake, you are recommended to be careful not to cause a divorce in the long run.  Mind that deceiving a woman you live with, can be very challenging and the risks that she will find out the truth are high. Weigh all pros and cons before making the final decision as it will probably impact your being. 

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