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Who is the ideal woman? Beautiful and sexy, or patient and wise, or maybe self-sufficient and self-aware? Everyone has their own ideal. However, alpha women can conquer men at first sight and leave a mark in memory for a long time.

An alpha woman is not like an ordinary woman with her innate mentality. Her mindset is somewhat similar to that of a man. It is probably why it is easier for men to understand such women and easier to interact with them. Men believe that meeting such a companion on their way is an incredible happiness. In this article, we will tell you why is it worth building a relationship with alpha female.

What is an Alpha Female? Good and Bad Sides of Alpha Female Characteristics

You may be surprised by the number of alpha women in the world. So you should know some aspects of their character and characteristics. It is not easy for strong women to live. In addition to the fact that many of them become role models and objects of admiration. Life for them is not always sweet as sugar. We are faced with the alpha female definition. From the very word it is clear that we are talking about a woman who not only wants to be the first. She also strives to do what men usually do. First, let’s look at what this term actually means.

An alpha woman is a strong, purposeful person, with a high level of self-organization and control. Of the positive alpha female traits, one can single out the ability to achieve one’s own, the desire to be the best. Of course, achieve, and the ability to do all the necessary things on time, without putting off for tomorrow.

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What are the negative aspects of alpha female personality?

Most likely, you will not be able to see the existing alpha female weakness. Such girls know how to hide their shortcomings, fears, and bad mood. But this does not mean that they sometimes have unhealthy habits or behavior. The negative qualities of an alpha male and an alpha female are competitiveness, inability to relax, striving for excellence. It often causes frustration or increased consumption of other people, and the inability to delegate and trust. This may be the reason why a man can leave a woman with such features.

The Alpha woman is self-confident, independent. She used to doing everything on her own. So she had comfort when all the essential things were under her control. The thing is that the alpha woman chooses a life path that is very unconventional for the social way of life. Alphas are often found in areas such as business, science, politics, and medicine. But even if such a woman plays the role of a housewife, she still takes on all the responsibilities.

Alpha female is not alien to relationships with men, but sometimes they may not happen, since no one can be good enough or cannot accept the fact that a woman constantly dominates. However, modern society is gradually moving towards the fact that men can really like this behavior because of gender equality.

When and if an alpha female in relationship or marries, the only behavior she sees possible in a new family is to be an alpha wife. She can work or babysit, but it doesn’t matter how she spends her days; what matters is how she behaves.

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7 Signs of The Alpha Woman Every Man Dreams of

Why should you date an alpha female? Why should a man want his woman to be stronger than him? Most likely you could see an alpha female meme, where men can be surprised by such sincerity and directness. Let’s dive into the best signs of an alpha female to understand that it is precisely such women who deserve attention more than anything else. It is thanks to these traits that you can build a great relationship with an alpha girl.

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She knows what she wants

She does not manipulate, does not speak in riddles or hints. She will never say that she does not know what to wear or cannot decide whether to drink strawberry lemonade or sea buckthorn. She always knows what she wants. This habit is both in life and in relationships; there are no hidden meanings, and everything is simple and clear.

She never plays with your feelings

An alpha girl never takes offense for no reason, does not play guessing games with a man, and does not manipulate. She is not used to wasting her and other people’s time on stupid games of silence or resentment. If there is a problem, she always speaks; if there is an insult, she discusses it; if there is a desire, it is spoken out loud directly, and clearly. In fact, a man who has ever been in a relationship with such a woman will miss her normality.

She always speaks directly

An alpha woman never bustles and does not speak in hints. She is straightforward to absolutely everyone, takes the initiative, openly declares her desires. She does not hesitate to ask, offer and immediately resolve all conflict issues and grievances. Men simply melt in front of this directness, because they are similar in this, so there are no conflicts in such a pair for far-fetched reasons.

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She doesn’t care about age

This woman is not worried about the number in her passport. She knows that with age she only gets better and more experienced. Beauty is measured not at all by the number of wrinkles on her face. But by her internal state and perception of herself. With a sparkle in her eyes, a confident gait, and a cheeky look, such a woman attracts men even at the age of well over 40.

She never complains

The alpha woman understands that there will be no benefit from this, since men are not strong in showing emotions of support and sympathy, so she simply talks about how to help her. She perfectly understands why this or that situation happened, knows how to fix it, and simply asks the man about it.

She is confident in herself

If you date an alpha female, you can forget all that drama in your life. There will be no late-night calls and checking to see if you’ve been with another woman. She is confident and she knows her worth. If you leave her, it wouldn’t be the end of the world for her. Instead, it will be a life lesson that will make her even stronger. You may consider yourself lucky because you will have your freedom, and on the other hand, you will have a truly loving and caring partner. What more could you wish for?

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She is passionate

If you date an alpha female, you will not lack any passion. Everything she does is driven by passion. Whether she is cooking or just doing household chores, she will do it passionately. And you can just imagine what a beast she’ll turn into when you get into your bedroom! It is worth spending this time with her wisely!

What an Alpha Female In a Wife Role and How to Solve Problems in Marriage

The alpha wife creates, plans, and decides absolutely all family affairs. She is, in other words, the boss. The alpha wife is in charge of everything from her job to the upbringing of her children and, quite often, her husband.

Such women, as a rule, had a very strong mother role model in childhood, which continues to influence adult conscious life. For an alpha wife, there is not, even supposedly, the possibility of the existence of another strong person nearby, since the source of her strength, and inspiration and the only way to remain in herself is to take responsibility for everything that happens around her.

But the problem with such women is that men do not want and cannot be with such a woman in the long term, since in a wife a man is looking not for a boss, but for a woman. The lifestyle of the alpha wife gradually destroys the relationship, no matter how hard she tries and no matter how respected she is by others.

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Why is this happening? How to find the best solution to problems?

It happens for a very simple and natural reason – this is the attenuation of male energy. In order for the relationship between husband and alpha wife to become happy, a woman must direct her power energy into a more productive channel. She can:

  • Be the boss at work
  • Be strict, strong, and demanding with the kids
  • Be the main among friends and acquaintances

She can show her leadership and strengths everywhere, but not with her husband because in relation to a man, women require a different type of energy. An alpha wife needs to be feminine because, in any relationship, an exchange of male and female is necessary. Traditionally, a man is a source of strength, perseverance, and courage, and a woman is emotional, sensual, and caring. A man, by nature, must do something with his hands, while a woman speaks, listens, and supports.

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Alpha Female is Not Easy, But She is Worth it

Loving an alpha female is not easy, but it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The main thing is that she is totally worth it. There will be times when you will curse your poor fate, but your strong woman will be there to comfort you and tell you that life is different. 

The good thing about her is that she already knows that life can sometimes fail. Like, not all of us are so lucky to get good cards in life. Therefore, do not think that such women are callous or low emotional; on the contrary, they can have a very large stock of knowledge and emotional intelligence.

The reason you should date an alpha female in the future is that you will have someone who will honestly tell you what she thinks about you. The most important thing is that she will be completely in love with you if you awaken this emotion inside her.

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  1. Oliver

    I have to say, I am definitely drawn to strong, self-confident women, and this article has helped me understand why that is. Wow, every day you learn something….new about yourself haha.
    As someone who is in a relationship with an Alpha Female, I found it spot on in describing both the good and the bad aspects of our relationship. On one hand, my partner is incredibly strong, independent and self-confident, which I find incredibly attractive. She knows what she wants and goes after it with a fierce determination. On the other hand, I can attest to the fact that sometimes her competitiveness and desire to be the best can be a bit overwhelming.
    Can someone else share a story about a relationship with such a strong woman?
    I don’t want to feel awkward…..

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