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If you are fed up with lonely nights, it is just the time to find a girlfriend. Nowadays, men have limitless opportunities to meet gorgeous women. Whether you are an advantageous online love seeker or you prefer to interact with ladies physically, you will certainly discover how to find a girlfriend fast and effectively. Scroll down to learn this topic to the tiniest detail and good luck in your next love adventure. 

How Can You Find a Girlfriend?—Explore 7 Best Ways 

When will I find a girlfriend? If you ever ponder this question, it is worth checking out the best places to encounter a soulmate. The 2020 research says that dating has gotten harder for most people in the recent decade. This is not surprising since people change their life views and approaches to relationships. 

People often claim that it is difficult to find their soulmates and build healthy love affairs. It is especially true when it comes to “How to find a girlfriend during pandemic” issue. However, you shouldn’t get upset about it. We’ve compiled the best places to find a girlfriend along with their advantages and disadvantages for you to effectively start your love-hunting game. Being equipped with these tips and hacks, you will certainly find the lady who fulfills all your expectations. 

Explore social media opportunities

how to find a girlfriend on instagram


  • Ability to find a girlfriend online free
  • A large pool of potential partners
  • An easy way to communicate with ladies


  • Not all girls seek relationships on social media sites
  • High chances that you can communicate with a fake
  • Social media dating has a pretty low success rate

Numerous men consider online dating a convenient and smooth way to meet a partner. If you are wondering how to find a girlfriend on Facebook or Instagram, you should know that it is one of the most popular ways for pleasant acquaintances. However, it also has multiple pitfalls you should be aware of to have a safe romantic venture. All you need to start your flirting venture is to have a social media account with a flattering photo and an inspiration for achieving new romantic goals.

Use the search to look for the girls within your proximity, unless you are a long-distant relationship admirer. Once you find a lady that attracts you, feel free to initiate a conversation. Be positive and spice up your flirting with jokes. Here are some questions and phrases that let your lady respond to you. 

  1. Can I spice up your everyday routine?
  2. Can I guess your perfect date?
  3. I carefully analyzed your profile. Are you really engaged in…?
  4. Does online communication make you feel good?
  5. What is a deal-breaker for you?

Don’t forget to compliment a woman during your talks and avoid silly questions. 

Download a dating app

i'll never find a girlfriend


  • A convenient way to search for an ideal match
  • Trusted apps include large databases of users
  • Numerous entertaining features along with communication tools


  • Most apps cater to the needs of one-night stand seekers
  • There are a few options to find a girlfriend for free
  • There may be scams on questionable platforms

In a data-driven world, it becomes a hassle-free process to find a girlfriend online. Did you know that 19% of all internet users are using an online dating app? Moreover, 75% of them admit that a dating app is a perfect way for both casual encounters and serious relationships. 

Currently, the market is full of mobile app options dedicated to dating. Some of them are free while others require a subscription to access the full package of services. How to find a girlfriend at 30? Once you choose the app that works for you, you can start your romantic venture right away. The choice of the app also depends on your goals and expectations concerning relationships. 

If you are still hesitating about what type of relationships you are going to get involved in, it is worth considering common types of acquaintances to try in order to start your search properly. Anyway, you can download an app, create an account and see where your casual flirting will lead to. It is worth mentioning that the success rate of reputable dating apps is from 77% to 87%. 

Complete registration on a dedicated dating site


  • Ability to find a girlfriend based on your preferences 
  • Validated profiles of ladies 
  • A decent level of security


  • The majority of communication options are paid
  • Not all sites come with a mobile application
  • Nobody guarantees a 100% successful love story 

If you don’t want to download anything on your smartphone but are still looking where to find a girlfriend online, reputable dating sites may be an excellent way out. They offer all the necessary tools to provide a smooth and enjoyable romantic experience for their users. With the well-elaborated features and messaging options, contacting gorgeous women will be a breeze on a trustworthy dating site that you choose.

However, not all dating platforms are created equally. Some of them may include fake profiles or offer unfair pricing policies. Here are some aspects you should consider before investing in your romantic journey.

  1. Reputation. Make sure you create an account on a trusted website. Look through the experts’ reviews or users’ testimonials to ensure the authenticity of the platform. 
  2. Database of users. The more ladies are registered on the website, the higher chances you have to find a girlfriend. 
  3. Customer support. In case you have some questions or concerns, it is good to approach a specialist who will help you solve all your issues. 
  4. Features. Explore whether the feature set on the website lives up to your expectations. 

Visit a local cafe

how to find a girlfriend if you re shy


  • Great opportunity to interact with ladies physically
  • Aside from trying to find a girlfriend, you can encounter new acquaintances 
  • Excellent chance to meet your soulmate in the relaxed atmosphere 


  • No guarantee that your ideal match will visit the same cafe
  • The girl you like may already have a partner
  • You may showcase all your courage to approach a lady 

If you want to know how to find a girlfriend without online dating, it is just the time to visit popular local places. A cozy cafe or coffee shop are excellent locations to start your love-seeking journey. By the way, many men agree that exactly a coffee shop is one of the top 10 places to find a girlfriend. Try to visit the cafe every day at the same time. This will help you narrow down the circle of acquaintances and find out whether a woman you like is single. 

To approach a girl, you can order a cup of coffee and ask her to keep you company. It is advisable to start a conversation from an interesting point and develop it in the right direction. Here are some questions you can use to make your conversation flow:

  1. Would you rather go backward or forward in time?
  2. What would you prefer: hot chocolate or red wine?
  3. What is something I would not believe about you?
  4. What can cheer you up?
  5. What do you usually do when it is raining outside?
  6. Do you think love conquers fear?

Visiting a local cafe is one of the best ways to find a girlfriend since it is a public place and a lady won’t be confused if a stranger approaches her. 

Become a participant in the public event

why can't i find a girlfriend quiz


  • Numerous single ladies visit local festivals
  • Ability to meet multiple girls
  • Ability to find a girlfriend for free


  • You will need to do some homework to learn about the event you are going to visit
  • Some festivals can be too crowded and loud to strike up a conversation 
  • It is difficult to find a girlfriend with serious intentions

Those who want to discover how to find a girlfriend without dating apps can consider public events. Look through a calendar of local festivals to find something interesting for you. Granted, there will be numerous single women who are all about creating bonds with someone special.

Avoid visiting concerts because you will hardly get acquainted with a lady in a screaming crowd. It is better to opt for a cultural event with a silent atmosphere. Thus, you can initiate a conversation and enjoy the whole event. Make sure you know where you are going. If the festival is dedicated to literature and you are a complete ignoramus in this matter.

Organize a karaoke night

find a girlfriend near me


  • A fun way to meet a perfect lady
  • Ability to showcase your singing talent
  • High possibility to wake up in the morning together 


  • It may be expensive to order drinks and appetizers the whole night 
  • Not all girls who visit karaoke clubs are ready for long-lasting relationships
  • It may be too loud in a karaoke club to talk to your new acquaintance 

If you are still puzzling over the question: “Why is it so hard to find a girlfriend these days?”, you will certainly need to add an additional dose of fun to your love-hunting journey. That is when you can visit a karaoke club. If to believe how to find a girlfriend wikiHow,  aside from meeting gorgeous ladies, you can show off your inner singer and have fun.

Spending a night in karaoke is an excellent chance to invite your potential partner to your home. In this case, it is advisable to learn everything about sex on the first date since you may need a special approach to your new acquaintance. Who knows where your relationships will lead to after romantic songs you sing together?

Go to the fitness center

can you help me find a girlfriend


  • Combine two activities — improve your body and meet a perfect lady
  • Ability to meet fit and sexy woman
  • Broaden your circle of acquaintances 


  • Some membership plans may be too expensive
  • You will hardly have a wide choice by attending a single gym
  • This method doesn’t suit lazy bones who hate sports

A fitness center may be the best way to find a girlfriend, especially if you are an experienced athlete. However, if you plan to visit the gym just to pick up a sexy lady, you may end up with the greatest failure in your life. On the other hand, even an aspiring athlete may make the most of such an experience. Once you work with your muscles and improve your body, you will definitely become popular among girls. 

Don’t ask your friends “Find a girlfriend for me” since you will need to complete this journey only by yourself. Try to talk to different people as much as possible. You can also order a protein cocktail in the bar and strike a conversation with staff or clients. Also, avoid wearing headphones during your workouts since you can miss very interesting moments. 

I Need to Find a Girlfriend—Final Word 

Will I ever find a girlfriend? Numerous men ask this question while doing nothing to achieve their relationship goals. If you strive to build a strong connection with the girl of your dreams, you will just need to opt for the way to find a girlfriend that will work for you. Also, it is advisable to come up with your own dating strategy. Don’t be too impulsive or annoying and always remember that the dating pool is large and you will definitely catch your fish.  

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