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Earlier, most people were sure that sex on the first date is a bad idea if they wanted to build a serious relationship. Frankly speaking, it was the position of women who thought that the guy would have a wrong opinion if they agreed to spend the first night together. But, at the moment, things are different. Recent research showed that 56% of women had sex on the first date, and 36% got the relationship they have sought in the long run. So, is sex on the first date a killer of relationships or not? Let’s find it out.

Is Sex on the First Date a Killer?

A quick answer is, “yes, it is okay.” But if you have some hesitations about whether it is a good idea due to certain society’s prejudices, then let’s weigh all pros and cons.

Sex on the First Date: Pros

There are a few reasons that prove sex on the first date to be not just a nice idea but a great one:

  1. You check the chemistry. When people like each other on a physical level, they start experiencing well-known “chemistry.” By having sex on the first date, you can check this chemistry and reveal a partner’s personality not only on an emotional level but also on a physical. Actually, this is the best way to understand whether you love the same things in sex and look for similar sexual experiences. Let’s face the truth; it is incredibly difficult to restrain and hide your sexual desire when you feel so special with a definite person.
  2. You satisfy your sexual desire. Sex on the first date is a great way to boost your self-esteem. At this moment, neither you nor another person is obliged. You can do what you want and do not feel sorry for not meeting someone’s expectations. There is no need to meet this particular person again, so you may feel free and not be ashamed of your own impulses. Even if this experience doesn’t end with “happy ever after,” you will be one step closer to studying your desires and feelings.
  3. You open a new aspect of the relationship. Having sex on the first day may help you quickly understand whether it is “your” person or not. Of course, emotions and personal qualities are important but agree that sex is an important aspect of any relationship. Hence, it will be difficult to establish a good connection in case you have different temperaments.

Sex on the First Date: Cons

Along with pros, sex on the first date has its cons:

  1. It’s not safe. When people feel too excited, they often forget about their own safety. It is not only about STDs but the safety of life as well. People agree to go to an unknown place and even try things that they have never tried. All this may lead to unwanted consequences and become a real threat to your life. Hence, first-date sex may be not only pleasant but dangerous as well.
  2. You are waiting for “The One.” Some psychologists are sure that putting physical and emotional on one plate is too much if you are looking for somebody special to build a successful relationship. However, nobody knows where first date sex may lead to; hence if you are not sure what the person is waiting for, it’s better to postpone sex not to be disappointed in the long run.
  3. First-date sex may be unpredictable. Along with being exciting, it may be far away from what you have been expecting. You need to explore a new body, and it may simply not match yours. It happens often, so you should be ready that the flash could disappear at once.

Tips for Sex on the First Date

If you are free for new emotions and experiences, and you do not mind sex on the first date, then keep an eye on the following tips:

  • Do not use sex to make somebody like you. If you want to prove something to another person or make someone like you more, then mind that it is not the best idea for sure. Eventually, you can regret, get negative beliefs about yourself in terms of your own sexuality, etc. So do not try to meet someone’s expectations and have sex on the first date only if you really want it.
  • Protect yourself. When you feel extremely passionate about the other person, you may forget about the protection. Still, it is very important to mind STDs and other unpleasant consequences associated with unprotected sex. Therefore, insist on using condoms and do not accept any alternatives.
  • Avoid drinking too much. It is well-known that a drunk person can’t fully control own actions and words. Hence, you should avoid drinking too much. Otherwise, you may be involved in some unpleasant situations or even life-threatening ones.


People who meet on dating sites like VictoriyaClub or local cafes may have different points of view on sex on the first date. Therefore, it is important to understand what you really want and feel brave enough to share your expectations. Nobody can say to you whether first date sex is good or bad, as it is only up to you to decide. Hence, try to keep in mind both pros and cons, as well as tips from experts. This way, you can make your experience as safe as possible.

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