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When you decide to start dating for marriage, you imagine the person who shares your interests and life values. Hence, it’s important to be careful while choosing the right candidature.  If you do not want to waste time communicating with the mentally unstable person and prefer to start a healthy relationship at once, then consider the signs of an emotionally unstable individual.

7 Signs of Mentally Unstable Person

If you do not want to search for the answer on how to break up with a mentally unstable person, it is better to avoid beginning such relationships. Remember these signs and escape if you notice any of them while seeing the person on the first date.

Reaction in an unexpected way

You should be careful if you notice that the person reacts in another way as most people do. This is the first sign of emotional instability. The simplest example is that the person starts to laugh at an inappropriate time. Of course, it doesn’t mean that your interlocutor has some problems, and you need to start discussing this. Just mind what not to say to someone with mental illness and watch the reaction.

Constant changes of the mood

Of course, every person often suffers from changes of mood and it’s not surprising. Still, if you notice that your interlocutor frequently struggles with emotional balance, then you need to be ready for everything. Such a person may be sad one minute and laugh in 5 minutes. Avoid recommending him/her to approach the specialist and think about whether you want to go on chatting.

Problems with calming down

If the person has tumultuous emotions, he/she always experiences difficulties with calming down. It takes a minute to become overacted even towards the minor things. If you notice that the person feels resentful for a long time, it may indicate that you deal with the mentally unstable person.

Strained relationships

Such a person often burns bridges with family members and old friends. You can notice this while discussing family or coworkers. Emotionally unstable people often have a difficult relationship with others. They are more prone to conflicts in several areas of life. This always impacts the people who are close to them.

Problems with sleep

If the person comes to the meeting and looks sleepy, then you can find out the reasons. Significant changes to sleep partners may signal a mental health disorder. Let’s take insomnia as an example. It is a signal of substance abuse or even anxiety. Sleeping too little or too much may inform that the person has a sleeping disorder or serious depression. Perhaps, you do not want to start a relationship with an individual who is mentally ill.

Anxious or worries

Everybody feels stressed due to different problems from time to time. But anxiety may be the first sign of a disorder with mental health. Especially, if you can notice this feeling during the entire date.  As for other symptoms, they are sweating, feeling dizzy, racing mind, heart palpitation, headache, etc.

Weight changes

When the person doesn’t feel a wall and his/her mood is up and down, this may lead to weight and appetite changes. You will notice that your interlocutor is eating like crazy, or stop suddenly remembering about extra kilos. These are the common signs of mental disorders.

How to Deal with Mentally Unstable Person?

If this is your first date and you have noticed any of the above-mentioned signs, then you can be sure that the stranger suffers from some emotional shifts. First of all, it is not recommended to share your ideas about the person’s behavior. Avoid making diagnoses unless you are a specialist. It is better to keep silent and bypass conflicts. Mind that you can’t impact the person and the way he/she feels until you are not the friend, relative, or spouse. If you feel uncomfortable, it is better to give some reason why you should leave at once. If you like the person, want to help him/her cope with emotional instability, and go on building a relationship, then keep calm. It is better to create an atmosphere of trust, and then start to act.

In a Nutshell

Do you want to know how to deal with a mentally unstable person? The first step is to make sure that you really meet the individual who suffers from emotional instability. Ask some questions to check whether any of the discussed signs say you do. Mind that such people can be quite dangerous so you need to be careful and attentive while chatting.

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