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There are so many ways to start dating abroad. You can come across a special person while having a rest in another country, going on a business trip, working, or after registration on a popular dating platform. Most such stories have an incredible start, fast development, and uncertain end. Still, life is too short to stand on the seashore and be afraid to touch the water. If you want to find a foreigner for marriage, or you dream about casual dating, then you should prepare for such an experience.  You may surf the Net, or ask your friends to share their stories. However, mind that it is only your experience and what it is going to be like depends only on you.

7 Tips on Dating Abroad

When people are sick and tired of meeting the locals, they consider dating abroad. Still, it is necessary to realize that dating a foreigner has its own peculiarities and the best thing that you can do for yourself is to follow effective tips.

Establish clear expectations

It is recommended to start this conversation as early as possible. If you are looking for some pleasant adventure, or you are dreaming about long-term relationships, you should openly say this to another person. Making sure that you are on the same page will prevent both of you from wasting time, and thus, disappointment.

Avoid judging

Locals often discuss different issues within their own country. For instance, a resident of Greece can talk about economics, while a Mexican may share an opinion about drug trafficking. However, they would not like it if you come with your own evaluations of things that you know a little about. Hence, it is better to avoid judgment and choose neutral topics to discuss, especially at the very beginning of your communication.

Do not emphasize the differences

It is absolutely wrong to focus the attention on the differences between you two.  “Weird” accent, strange food, skin color, and things like this should not be mentioned during your communication. In case of emphasizing cultural, political, physical and other differences would increase the distance between you and your partner.

Go on learning the language

Keep studying even if you can boast a good command of the foreign language. The tendencies are changing all the time, and you need to know all of them. This will help you avoid misunderstanding and stay closer to the partner. Do not forget about the cultural context which is also important to study to understand a foreigner correctly.

Don’t use the person

Some people aim to find a free guide for visiting sightseeing or learning a foreign language. Do not act the same as the end will not be the most pleasant moment in your life. Make sure that both of you feel excited about getting a particular experience. State clear who you are, and what this communication means for you.

Avoid contextual relationship

It happens that you start some relationships just because you have no other opportunities within the place. For instance, you have been working in a rural Namibian village and fell in love with a local. Let it be a fantastic page of your life, but do not think about transferring it to your future. Enjoy pleasant moments as they are beautiful on their own, but have a cool head.

Be realistic about common future

If you feel like you have met your soulmate and you are ready to keep developing your relationships, then discuss your plans with a partner. Maybe some of you will move to avoid all those tiring Skype calls. If you are not sure about your feelings, then it is better to separate at once. The main point here is to remain friends.


Although dating abroad can be a tricky game, you should always follow your heart. There are so many success stories that show how people from different countries meet each other and now are totally happy together. There are also cases when partners ended relationships and remained good friends. No one knows for sure what is going to happen the next day, and love is not something certain as well. However, experiencing unforgettable emotions and having tremendous memories is worth trying to date abroad. If you are ready to set for a big adventure, then register on a dating website and meet somebody special without wasting time.

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Dennis Farley

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