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Perhaps most people face disappointment after unsuccessful attempts to build a nice relationship and become happy. Both men and women try again and again to meet somebody special and start all over again. So, do not think that you are alone who fail each time. It would be helpful to know the reasons why guys give up on relationships because not only girls make such decisions. According to specialists, males also face the same difficulties and break up with their beloved. But why? Let’s find it out. 

10 Reasons for Giving up on Relationships

Separation and divorce are popular issues with journalists, writers, phycologists, and other specialists. People are wondering why the relationship doesn’t last for a long time or end unsuccessfully. Experts of WiseDate tried to collect information from independent resources and provide you with facts that may help you understand this issue better and start a successful love story at last.  

1.Unlucky experience

Men give up because they remember their previous unsuccessful experiences. When they understand that something goes wrong, they start to leave. In these situations, most guys are not ready to analyze or look for alternatives. They just do not want to go through the same discomfort, disappointment, and stress. Some men can’t start to trust women again if previously the reason for the breakup was cheating. All in all, bad experiences prevent many males from building strong relationships and make them say “I give up on relationships”.

2.Wrong beliefs 

We all have some beliefs that shape the way of life we live. One of the most widespread is that women need men only for financial support. Therefore some males do not want to build any serious relationships. They truly believe that girls do not care, and want to use them. It goes without saying that some women really want to date males who can support them financially, and care about a future family. But at the same time, there are females who are eager to find the same-minded partner.  

3.No support

You may think that men are strong and they are not emotional at all. But the things are opposite. They also seek support and understanding. Guys despite their age and professional achievements want to feel that their partners care, and are not indifferent. If the woman doesn’t show such an attitude, the man considers giving up on relationships. He will not think for a long time, or wait for a better chance, and will just leave one day without any explanation. 

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4.Stress and tiredness

We saw many guys who gave up on relationships, and most of them did it because of constant stress. They couldn’t enjoy communication with the partners. Being very tired of regular fights and quarrels, males decide to give up. Tired guys prefer being alone rather than listening to accusations. That’s why you can see so many couples whose relationship didn’t end with dating for marriage these days.

5.Focus on other goals 

Another reason in the list of “Why do guys give up on relationships” is focusing attention on other goals. Some males do not want to take things seriously until they have everything they want. Financial goals and desire to develop personal expertise in a definite area – are priorities for them at a particular moment. They do not want to distract for romantic stuff and lose concentration. Therefore, they prefer to give up if they feel that the woman wants more than he is ready to offer right at the moment. 

6.Childhood problems

Many guys do not know anything about building relationships because they didn’t have any good examples while being kids. Such men had difficulties in communication with their own mothers. They do not think that some women can love them without any reason. Therefore, these males do not trust girls and are not ready to risk. They are sure that love is a huge risk, and they prefer to stay as far as possible. 

7.Absence of desire to invest 

This point has a few sides to look at. Guys do not want to invest the money as you know having a relationship is not cheap. You need to care not only about yourself but about the woman, and even kids, house, pets, etc. Besides financial investments, guys are expected to invest time. It means that they need to spend time with their partner, and do not be busy with things that are interesting for them. 

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8.Wrong partners

Why do men stay single?  They choose the wrong partners. Simply put, they start a relationship too quickly without understanding whether a particular woman is the right match. Many guys fall in love, feel incredible passion towards a girl, and do not want to see the evident things.  Later, when the emotions are waning, they start to look at the same partner from a different angle. This is when many conflicts start and they decide to say “Ive given up on you”.


Most men opting out of relationships are just too young to start a long-term commitment. They prefer to have fun with friends, meet girls for one or a few nights. These young men are not ready to care about someone except themselves. They focus their attention on their own needs and do not want to support someone else. At a young age, guys have a focus on fun, hobbies, education, trips, self-development, etc. They are not interested in starting a relationship especially if they feel some discomfort. 

10.Desire to rest from serious commitments 

And last but not least is just a great desire to have a pause and breathe out after a serious commitment. Not all guys are ready to skip from one relationship to a new one. They need some time to back to normal, and only then have another try. At this time, males are either focused on career and self-development or get acquainted with the girl for short-time commitment. 

How Do Women Make Men Giving Up?

In addition to all reasons that have been listed before, there is one big mistake that many women make. Exactly it prevents men from building a happy relationship. Girls often say such a common phrase as “All men are all the same”. It is not surprising that males are giving up on relationships. So, in general, women are dividing guys into three categories: 


Many women consider guys as kids who need care. They aim to change the partner and constantly point to his weak points. Some women take the men as a project which they want to complete and bring up a real guy. But it is a big mistake. Even if the man is not well-developed, and can’t boast impressive achievements, he doesn’t deserve to be considered a kid. Once the guy feels such an attitude, he makes the decision about giving up on dating and relationships


At the present time, we can see how great achievements many girls can boast. They have a high income, prestigious work, regular rest at popular resorts, cars, apartments, etc. Such women simply do not take seriously men with worse achievements. They call them losers and are not ready to wait and support guys. This is when you can hear “I give up on dating and relationships” from men. Feeling unlucky besides the woman is terrible for every male. 



There are girls who believe that the man needs their help. They decide to rescue a poor guy who had a difficult childhood, or faced financial problems, etc. Such women aim to complete their mission, and after all, they ask “Is he tired of me?”. But did the guy ask for help? Do you want to be his mother, or do you prefer to be his lover and partner? Decide what role you are going to take in his life before hurrying to rescue the man.  Otherwise, you risk dealing with a victim, rather than a strong man who is ready to take responsibility for the whole family. 

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What Happens When a Guy Gives up on You?

If you constantly deal with break-ups and you are wondering why guys stay single, you have been provided with the most widespread reasons. But what next? Is there any hope that you can have a happy relationship and hear “Happy ever after?”. Of course, you can. So, there are two situations that happen when a guy gives up. First, you can keep seeking a perfect partner. Or, you can look at everything from another angle. Try to understand how you can change things. Maybe you should learn phycology, or have a frank conversation with your partner? It is crucial to deal not only with consequences. It is important to explore the issue in detail. Once you understand all do’s and don’ts for a happy relationship, you will change the situation, and will never ask “Why do guys give up on relationships?” again. 

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Final Remarks: Why Do Guys Give up on Relationships?

All men are different, and it would be senseless to apply all the above-mentioned information to every male. Still, it is reasonable to consider all reasons why do guys give up on relationships so easily. Most men are seeking support, confidence, and care. When he doesn’t get it, he decides to finish the relationship. Still, it doesn’t mean that guys shouldn’t keep believing in love. Nobody knows whether the next attempt will be successful. Everything depends on two partners. The most important thing is to find the right match and start communication. You can come across your destiny at any place and at any time. But, if you do not want to wait, and are ready to change your life right now, then it is better to start with a trustworthy dating website with plenty of real people who seek the same. 

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    I broke with my ex girl because she wanted me to change. Every day she told that my salary was too low and I am not successful in my profession. She believed that I needed to change my workplace which by the way I liked a lot. That kind of pressure made me unhappy and exhausted. Eventually, I decided to leave. It was my best decision ever!

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