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Let’s imagine your friend or relative introduces you to some nice stranger. At the first minute, you can feel that strange fire inside you. Perhaps, everybody has experienced this feeling at least once. But what next? How do you know if there is a spark between you? First of all, you should know that physical attraction is not the only factor that something unusual is going on. Plenty of other signs of chemistry can help you understand the situation. 

What is Chemistry in a Relationship? – The Concept Revealed 

Chemistry is something that you can hardly describe with words. When you see a person, your eyes meet and a smile crosses your face. A strong feeling of warmth appears inside you. What is chemistry between people? It is a desire to get to know each other better. You may spend all days and nights talking or texting and even do not notice this. As a result, you appoint the first date, and then the second one. At the same time, you do not know where this feeling will take you, but it is not important at a given moment. It is better to calm down, relax, and follow your heart. 

What causes chemistry between two people?

You will hardly ever find a definite answer to this question because chemistry appears all of sudden. In most cases, it happens when the person feels enough relaxed and open. There is a strong desire to fall in love but still no particular expectations. Of course, sometimes a spark arises when you are already in a relationship. In this case, everything gets complicated. However, nobody knows when the intense feeling comes into their life. At least you can discover signs of chemistry between a man and a woman not confuse it with something else. 

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How Do You Know if You Have Chemistry with Someone: 10 Main Signs

A new feeling that makes you behave in a different way and it is hard to ignore. Can other people see chemistry between two people? Definitely, yes. When two have mutual sympathy, their eyes are shining and they want to be close as much as possible. Still, there are other subtle signs of chemistry that you should know.

1. You forget about time

When you have a strong attraction, you lose a track of time. You can talk over the phone for hours even if you have to get up early the next day. There is always what to say and what to ask. You want to get to know the person better in every possible way. When you have to say goodbye, sadness is the only feeling that you have. Simply put, you look forward to the next date, and do not stop thinking about the person even being very busy at work or school. 

2. You like the same jokes

A sense of humor is incredibly important for every relationship. If you like the same jokes and laugh at the same things, then we can say that it is one of the signs of chemistry with someone. In the future, you have all chances to transform this feeling into a relationship. Now, you just exchange jokes and have a great time together. 

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3. You are attracted physically

Of course, we can’t ignore physical signs of chemistry as they are the most widespread ones. Having allure means you want to touch the person and be as close as possible. Moreover, your head is full of sexual desires as it is quite predictable. This is when sex on the first date may take place. Your heart is beating like crazy every time you take the person’s hand or give them a kiss. Anyway, exactly such pulses develop in something bigger that has other signs of chemistry between two people. 

4. You flirt with each other all the time

How to tell if there’s chemistry between two people? They flirt endlessly no matter where they are. The lovers kiss sweetly and hug tightly each time they meet. It is impossible to ignore their sincere laughs and smiles. When you like someone, you do not care what is going on; you simply do not observe other people and enjoy communication with a significant other. 

5. You have a constant eye contact

The eyes are what can tell whether there is a spark between people or not. If you look at each other for a certain period of time and do not put off your eyes – then there is no doubt, that chemistry is between you. You see, when people are too shy, they even can’t maintain eye contact. Strangers also avoid eye contact in case they are not interested in each other. Hence, if you constantly look at another person while talking, or just seek them with your eyes across the room – some new feeling is arising for sure.

6. You feel comfortable even while keeping silent

Is arguing a sign of attraction? Yes, it may happen so as well. Still, the most common feeling is feeling comfort and peace. It means you feel well both talking 24/7 and keeping silent. In other words, you can understand each other without any words. Therefore, if you meet the person with who you feel relaxed, then you surely should try to keep this deep connection. 

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7. Your views on life are the same

What is chemistry in a relationship? It is not only a physical desire. It is understanding that you share the same life values, and even have identical life goals. When you meet a special person and realize that you look at things in the same way, you can feel over the moon. Therefore, there are no difficulties with opening up to each other, relaxing, and growing your connection in a healthy relationship if both of you want it. 

8. You can share everything with each other

When there is chemistry between people, they feel quite safe. It means they can share everything without worrying to be judged. It doesn’t matter what past you have, even if it was full of awful things. With the right person by your side, you are ready to start a new life despite everything that has happened before. You feel comfortable, relaxed, and confident. Sometimes, such openness may be one of the signs of chemistry between friends. This is when you should know what to choose if you fell in love with a best friend, not to destroy everything. 

9. You respect each other

Even if at first you may think that this is not important, it really is. Chemistry without respect is worth nothing. When the people respect each other in every way – their fire is burning stronger. It means you are ready to accept the person with available experience, preferences, and views. Everyone wants to be respected, and if you give and get this – chances of becoming closer are increasing. 

10. You pay attention to every single word

When two people appeal to each other, they notice even minor details. They do not aim only to tell about themselves but ask some important questions as well. Let’s be frank. It is impossible to talk about some chemistry arising between you two if you can’t even remember what you have been discussing only a few minutes before. Simply put, people who have a spark, care about a lover in each way. 

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Signs of Chemistry on First Date – How to Keep the Fire

Even if you feel all those well-known butterflies in your belly, you should understand they earlier or later, they may disappear. Therefore, you’d better consider a few great recommendations to keep the fire alive. They will also help build chemistry in a relationship that already lacks it. So, here they are:

  • Recall your best dates. Perhaps at the very beginning of your relationship, you had dozens of meetings that became your favorite. Now it is high time to recreate them and get a new dose of passion and attraction. After all, nostalgia is always associated with the strongest memories. 
  • Have some time apart regularly. When you are 24/7, you get accustomed to each other. This is when all things get usual, and you forget your first emotions. That’s why it is extremely important to spend time apart. It may be a short separate holiday, a day off, or any other alternative that both of you accept. 
  • Explore new sex positions in a bedroom. Intimate life is as significant for a couple as a deep emotional connection. Therefore, you are recommended to try new things with your partner. Watching erotic videos, using adult toys, or practicing new sex positions is an excellent way to keep the fire alive.
  • Arrange sudden surprises. There is nothing better than a happy expression on your partner’s face. You can easily achieve this by arranging even small but unexpected surprises. 
  • Play games together or do other activities. This way, you can get to know each other better, and reveal new sides of your partner. Instead of playing games, which is by the way, very funny, you can try any other activities. The main point here is both of you feel enough comfortable and relaxed. 
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Final Thoughts: What Does Chemistry Feel Like?

When you have chemistry, every part of you wants to be with a particular person, get to know them better, and touch them as well. Still, the allure is not only about physical attraction. What does it mean to have chemistry with someone? It means an intense feeling is growing inside you. The person who was just a stranger a minute ago, becomes a center of your universe. You devote a lot of time and attention. Still, human nature is such that this fire may stop burning. While there is no perfect formula for a happy relationship, you can do your best to keep this fire alive. Keep in mind the discussed signs of chemistry and the ways to save the sweet feeling of the first minutes forever. 

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