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Ultimatums in relationships are a fairly common problem with couples. Have you ever said or heard from your partner: “If you don’t do (something certain), then I…”? Everyone has experienced similar situations because ultimatums are the most common way to get what people want. But, don’t forget that such a statement of the question looks like ordinary blackmail, which in turn can adversely affect relationships.

Most often, young people blackmail their partners with threats that they will leave them. Remember that after the third or fourth such statement, your significant other may say that they will leave. They no longer take your threats seriously, but they will try to teach a lesson for such ultimatums.

Unless you’re ready to end the relationship (or unless there’s something really serious on the scale), never threaten to leave! In the end, when you say that you want to be together, then after this, it is quite logical that an ultimatum will also follow from your partner, and you will already be forced to accept their conditions.

Options of Ultimatums, Psychology

Often people in a relationship face such a difficult problems as ultimatums. Not everyone can deal with this on their own. What do people often do in a relationship? They present their conditions or, in other words, put ultimatums.

Ultimatums are divided into 3 options for their use, we invite you to learn more about this.

  1. The first. Ultimatums in relationships are the norm in any case since relationships are always about obligations. A person may forget about it and in this way, you can remind them about it.
  2. Second. In general, conditions and ultimatums in a relationship are not good, but in case of an exception, they are necessary. And here each person can find his or her special cases of exception.
  3. Third. Ultimatums and conditions in a breaking of the boundaries of a person, disrespect for his choices and actions, one of the options for psychological violence. 
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Are ultimatums in relationships okay? As you can see, an ultimatum is not always bad and not always good. Sometimes it can be used by your partner as a method to improve some situation in a relationship, and sometimes it’s just a whim of a person to get what they want from their partner or somehow offend them.

Why Is Your Partner Giving Ultimatums in Relationships?

People are constantly probing the bounds of what is permitted about their partners. They can do this mutually, leading either to a clear definition of the boundaries of interaction or to confrontation and a break in relations. It all depends on how this “probing” is carried out.

If your partner’s favorite method of influencing is an ultimatum, there are reasons for that. Here they are:

  • Thirst for power. If they risk relationships for the sake of, in principle, not very important things, then most likely their only goal is to gain power over their loved ones. They need to know that you are “obeying” them and that they are in control of the situation.
  • They were brought up in a family where all issues were resolved with the help of emotional blackmail, and therefore they got used to this particular form of getting what they wanted.
  • With their endless ultimatums, they “probe” their pair for strength. As a rule, they do not get along for a long time with people who can give them a worthy rebuff and ignore everyday blackmail.
  • No idea know how to adequately express their negative feelings. They tend to keep their emotions to themselves for a long time, and then suddenly give out a summary in the form of an ultimatum.
  • They do not know how to show negative feelings in time – they accumulate irritation with the bad habits of their passion for a long time, after which they burst into scandals. Ultimatums in relationships examples: “either you do everything right, or I leave.”
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Why Ultimatums Don’t Work in Relationships?

The worst thing you can do in a relationship is giving an ultimatum. This applies to all areas, including domestic quarrels and major conflicts. Adjusting to others, a person loses themselves and does not make those around happy.

If something does not suit a person in a partner or their behavior, you should never try to fix it as an ultimatum. You need to talk about it and seek compromises, and many things should be discussed in advance. By agreeing on everything on the shore, you can save each other time and nerves. Try to go on a date together, it will strengthen your relationship, bring you closer to each other and help you avoid misunderstandings such as ultimatums. Here are some ideas for your romantic dates. Choose one best and go!

The absurdity of using ultimatums in relationships lies in the fact that any person who has a choice, will make a choice. Because one’s own “I” is more precious than any faithful betrothed. A person who gives an ultimatum shoots themselves in the foot and then blames the partner for this, sincerely believing that they are right.

If everyday blackmail passes into a permanent phase, the suffering party begins to experience complexes, feel petty and insignificant. This can result in two different situations: either a person who is fed up with ultimatums will break loose and make a scandal, or simply quietly find a partner who will not build relationships on blackmail and will not try to manipulate.

Do ultimatums work in relationships? If your relationship is in discord, it is simply stupid to threaten or set some conditions – your partner can remember your words, and you will be the guilty party in the break.

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Are Ultimatums in Relationships Bad?

There are several reasons why ultimatums in a relationship are not entirely correct. Is it unhealthy to make ultimatums in relationships?

  1. First, in this way of ultimatums, you will never come to a mature conscious relationship. Simply put, in your relationship something will always go awry.
  2. Secondly, you will not develop as a person, but rather degrade more and more into a psychological abuser.
  3. Most importantly, if you set conditions, you allow yourself to violate the boundaries of another person and not respect them.
  4. Telling another person that “I will be with you on such and such conditions,” you, thereby, enter into a psycho-emotional loop with them.
  5. Relationships will be built only on your terms.
  6. The response to blackmail is counter-conditioning.
  7. Ultimatums in relationships Reddit is a subtle form of violence. It is supported by conditioning, your views, and beliefs – you singled out something as fundamental, but your greed is hidden there, your desire to fulfill yourself through another.
  8. Emotional abuse of another person at the time of the ultimatum. You are not going to be friends with your partner, you are not going to love them – you are giving them an ultimatum. You humiliate them with your behavior.
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Why and When Should You Give Ultimatums in Relationships?

It is recommended to use ultimatums if you intend to carry out the threat, and if marital happiness is at stake.

  • An ultimatum is justified if your partner, for example, has bad habits and it already looks like an addiction.
  • If a person unconsciously harms themselves – for example, exhausts themself at work with excessive workaholism, or vice versa, constantly idles. Dealing with ultimatums in healthy relationships: It’s always better to have a dialogue, find out the reasons and help get through problems than to use manipulation.

How properly should you give ultimatums in relationships? If, nevertheless, a situation arises when an ultimatum is necessary, then when putting it up, you must adhere to certain rules:

  1. The ultimatum must be clear and formulated.
  2. Set specific deadlines for making a decision.
  3. If the chosen one continues to think about your words, then carry out your threat.
  4. Do not return until the requirement is met.
  5. Do not use threats you can’t carry out.
  6. Consider whether all other options for solving the problem have been used.
  7. If you left your partner, after which they agreed to fulfill your requirements, and you returned to them, be sure to achieve the fulfillment of the promise. Don’t let them think they’ve got you back and can go back to their old life without obligation.
why shouldn you give ultimatums in relationships


Are ultimatums manipulative?

Yes, an ultimatum is, by and large, a kind of manipulation. After all, an ultimatum is a technique that people use to get their way, blackmailing others.

Are ultimatums toxic in a relationship?

Not all ultimatums in relationships are toxic. An ultimatum that a partner sets not for his benefit, but, for example, to rid a partner of a bad habit, is not toxic. And the ultimatum that is used as blackmail can be called toxic.

Do ultimatums ever work in relationships?

Ultimatums rarely work in a relationship, but there are cases when the ultimatums benefited both partners, for example, when someone in a couple saved the other from a bad habit or some other problem.

How do you respond to a relationship ultimatum?

The answer is simple. You can either accept the terms of the partner’s ultimatum or ignore them. You can also try to come to a common compromise, the conditions of which will satisfy both partners.

Final Word

So, is it healthy to use ultimatums in relationships? Ultimatums can be viewed both positively and negatively. Sometimes, you need to give an ultimatum to your partner if the situation is critical and such a decision will be in favor of the partner and you. If you give an ultimatum, keep in mind that it may not be understood in the way you expected.

But on the other hand, any ultimatum put forward by you can be decided not to your benefit. Consider in advance what you are risking with this outcome. Remember, when an ultimatum becomes a common form of relationship, you stop communicating and understanding each other.

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  1. Alex

    My ex wife often gave me ultimatums. Now you understand why she is ex. I am sure that no type of blackmail is okay for a healthy relationship. With my new girlfriend, we always discuss everything and come to certain compromises. I enjoy this connection and will never ruin it with ultimatums.

  2. Anna

    I am sure that ultimatums can destroy any relationship. When you love, you do not want to make the person do something. They should do it on their own, or, say it directly. Luckily my man and I do not set any ultimatums. But I know a lot of people among my friends who do. They always look sad and unsatisfied. It is better to discuss everything and be frank with each other.

  3. Antony

    I often hear from my friends that their wives use ultimatums to get what they want. What a hell! I think it is disgusting. I never blackmail my woman and I do not want her to do this. I am sure that it is a way to nowhere and it is impossible to build a trusted connection with ultimatums.

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