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Once you made acquaintance with him or her successfully, perhaps, the next thing that you are wondering about is perfect date ideas. Sometimes, it can be a real challenge to arrange a successful meeting as you should consider a lot of things. That’s why we decided to offer you ideal date ideas and make your life easier. You can look through all options and choose a few of them to start with. Mind that there are no guarantees that a perfect preparation will let you find your special one as many other factors should be considered as well. Still, you get a chance to have a good time, so let’s find out what to do on a date.

15 Date Activities that Aren’t Trivial

If you are fed up with ordinary dates and want to organize something unusual, then you are at the right place. We know more ideas for the perfect date that you surely are recommended to try. They go far beyond ordinary suggestions to dine in a local café or go to movies like with nine perfect strangers release date. After all, the first date is a very important meeting that decides whether you will see each other once again or not.

 nine perfect strangers release date

1. Have a breakfast

Most people prefer meeting in the evening and having a romantic dinner. What about ignoring this traditional idea, and preferring having breakfast together? Luckily at the moment, there are so many nice places that you can visit in the morning and enjoy communication with a cup of coffee or tea. This way, you have an opportunity to look at the person in usual surroundings, chat, and understand whether this is who you are looking for. Plus, you can check the preferences of the person in cuisine. There is no doubt, that such an option will suit even those people who have been dating for some time and seek ideas for Valentine’s day to have a great time.

2.  Walk in the park

Perhaps every city has a few nice parks that you can choose for your date. When people are asked to describe your perfect date, they mention exactly pleasant chatting while walking in a local park. This way, both of you can feel comfortable, enjoy the scenery, breathe fresh air, and do not hurry anywhere. You are not isolated from other people but still, you can focus on personal communication, and have a good time.

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3.  Go bowling

Perhaps most people tried bowling at least once, but not everybody remembers about such activity while seeking things to do on a date. If you and your partner like an active lifestyle, and are not shy to look is not the best lighting, then bowling is a great option to choose. It is a fun and relaxing activity to try.

4.  Attend an outside market

Walking from the booth to the booth is real fun. Moreover, it allows you to get to know your interlocutor better. A friendly atmosphere will serve as a great background for nice communication and new impressions. If any of you will feel uncomfortable, you can continue chatting in a less crowded place. Anyway, such a location is surely worth your attention.

5.  Take a class

Nowadays, there are so many things to do on dates. The range of different workshops and classes is just impressive. You can either try something new or boost your expertise in a definite field. Talk with your new interlocutor to find out more about his/her preferences and desires. There are no doubts that you will find something that both of you are interested in. This may be painting, singing, cooking, etc. Just remember that the main idea of such a date is not to become perfect at some activity, but get to know each other better. Simply put, do not get into the process too deeply. Instead, be more attentive to your partner.

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6.  Go for a picnic

You should agree on meeting at an expensive restaurant to have the perfect date. A picnic is a great option that provides you with more opportunities to understand what kind of person you deal with. Having a pleasant conversation at a well-prepared table and delicious dishes is of course, nice. Still, you may even do not understand who is in front of you. Offer the person to organize a picnic in some picturesque place. Nature, unofficial atmosphere, talks, and a few simple dishes will let you understand whether a particular person can become someone special for you.

7.  Visit a museum

Unfortunately, many people find attending museums quite a boring activity, especially when it comes to places to take a girl on a date. However, visiting such places could be a great idea with the right approach. Discover the most unusual museums in your area. Read more about the exhibitions to share with your partner while looking around, or book an excursion with a guide. You can have a nice discussion, share your opinions and suggestions even if you know a little about the things that you are looking at.

8.  Support your favorite sports team

Are you both interested in a sport? Then you may consider going to some sports event to have your perfect date.  In case, you have no such opportunity at the moment, then watching a favorite match on TV and cheering your team in a local bar will be a great alternative. It is well-known that when a person feels passionate about something, she/he doesn’t pretend to be someone else. Therefore, you get a great chance to reveal the true personality of your new comrade.

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9.  Become tourists

It doesn’t matter whether you live in one city, or visit each other in an unknown area, as there are always many things to explore. Choose the places to go on a date, and let it be a real adventure. This way, you can find out more about a person’s preferences and interests, while widening your own horizons. 

10.  Browse a bookstore

Are you a fan of books? Reading has been always on-trend and now more and more people try to turn to books while reducing time spent on social networks. If after meeting online, you found out that your new interlocutor is also fond of books, then it may serve as a great idea for your perfect date. Currently, many bookstores have coffee spots, hence you can drink a cup of coffee and discuss favorite plots, or share impressions after reading a particular book.

Is a bookstore a good date?

11.  Play games

Playing games has always been a great idea for both friendly and romantic meetings. A range of well-known and absolutely new games is large. If you meet for the first time, then let it be a game at some café or any other public place. If you are planning a third date, for example, then you can invite the girl to your place. Anyway, be careful with the choice of the game. Otherwise, your idea may turn out to be a real disaster. Let it be some funny game rather than the one that requires a lot of expertise in some field. Both of you should feel confident enough instead of too worried about the rules or results.

12.  Arrange a multi-venue meal

Yes, it is a dinner in some way, but not the usual one. A multi-venue meal means having an appetizer, main course, and finally dessert at different places. This way, you can get closer, visit various spots and chat a lot. Such an idea is especially a great option when you are wondering what is a perfect date idea. Everything is quite simple. You may like one place, your partner may like another spot, and finally, both of you may be willing to visit an absolutely new place. So, why not unite all these things into one perfect date?

13.  Try yoga

Couples Yoga Challenge"

It goes without saying that trying yoga together is not the best idea if you meet for the first time. But if you know each other pretty well, then yoga class will become a great way to become closer and keep learning another person better. Even if in the long run you understand that it is not something that you would like to repeat, such experience will be really valuable.

14.  Visit open-air cinema

It is a nice alternative to crowded halls. If there is such a cinema in your area, then do not miss an opportunity to enjoy nice movies and get closer to your interlocutor. Ask the person about preferences and arrange a romantic date for you two. Mind that it is a good idea only if the weather is suitable.

15.  Consider rock-climbing

If you both are active and prefer physical activities to poem reading, for example, then rock climbing is a nice idea for your perfect date. This way, you can see how the person acts in different conditions, and whether both of you can demonstrate trust and support for each other. The only recommendation is to choose a safe place with a professional instructor.

Is rock climbing a good workout?

What Makes a Date Bad?

Even if you come with plenty of fun things to do on a date, a well-planned meeting may become a real disaster. Therefore, you are recommended to look at things that may spoil any perfect date:

·         Conversations about previous dating experience/relationship

·         Complains about life, health issues, mood, etc.

·         Focusing only on your own personality

·         Taking friends when you know the person a little

·         Using smartphones even for urgent business issues

·         Flirting with other people

·         Focusing on negative things and expectations

·         Thinking that the place and time were chosen badly

·         Telling rude jokes

·         Talking too much to avoid pauses

What should you avoid on a first date? Putting too high expectations from the person and the meeting. You’d better relax, keep positive, and enjoy the communication. Never hurry up with judging the interlocutor, as all your conclusions may be mistaken, thus, preventing you from learning the person well.

 Cute Date Ideas so You Never Get Bored Again

What is Your Idea of a Perfect Date?

As you can see, there is a lot of things that you can do and have an ideal date. Therefore, you have a wide range to choose from. It is recommended to consider the preferences of both people, season and other details. What is more, you can ask the person to describe your perfect date, listen attentively, and try to organize a meeting that will be both pleasant and efficient. But do not try to arrange an exam. It is evident that you need some time to get to know the person better. Let it be a pleasant meeting, full of chatting, nice views, and a cozy atmosphere. After all, even on a perfect date, something may go wrong. Therefore, focus on the person, rather than a place, activity, or time.

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