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What are your first associations when you hear the word “love”? Perhaps most people imagine two individuals who kiss and hug firmly. They look happy, enjoy each other, and experience chemistry, thinking that they have met a perfect match. But do you know that unrequited love also exists? Some people have experienced it at least once per life. Still, it may be quite difficult to recognize whether it is unrequited love actually or not as there are a few kinds of it. Hence, if you want to make sure, devote some time to learning unrequited love definition, signs, and examples.

What is Unrequited Love Definition?

It is important to clearly understand unrequited love meaning before going to discuss signs and kinds. So, unrequited love is a state in which one person has feelings for another one, but without a mutual response.  There are a few unrequited love drama types that should be mentioned:

  • Having feelings for each other while being in a relationship with other people
  • Craving for an ex-partner and desire to revive the connection
  • Loving the person who doesn’t respond to the feelings
  • Being crazy about someone who is not available 

If it looks like you are experiencing any of this form, then you should explore signs of unrequited love. As a result, you will easily understand what is going on and what you should do next. 

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5 Unrequited Love Signs 

There are many songs about unrequited love that may give you a general idea of what it is and how the person may feel in this case. Still, most people often confuse the notion and make the wrong conclusions. Here are common signs of unrequited love.

You dream about physical touch

Having a stable emotional connection is great, but sooner or later people start seeking a physical touch. It means you want to hug, kiss, and touch your significant other. You dream about intimacy all the time and you enjoy looking at the person. Still, if you always initiate physical closeness and your partner is less active, then you can say that it is a one-sided attraction. When two people love each other, they tend to be together both on emotional and physical levels. 

The person doesn’t aim to learn you better

When you feel special about another person, you want to get to know them better. It is quite natural to be interested in hobbies, family, work, and other aspects of life. It means that your communication is full of stories, questions, and answers. But if another person doesn’t ask you any questions and doesn’t show any interest in your life, then it may be one of the unrequited love signs. You may be craving a partner, but you should realize that they are not going to do any emotional investment. As a result, your couple doesn’t have any chances for building a strong commitment. 

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You want to set a communication

Are you seeking any opportunity to meet and spend some time together? It’s not surprising as all people in love are behaving this way. But if you get regular rejections and hear about too busy days to meet, then you are dealing with unrequited love examples. People, who want to build real connections, always try to find opportunities to spend time together. They exchange their own energies and back to work, study, and other activities while being filled and inspired. 

You take the person as an idol

This is what most books about unrequited love mention. You think that another person is just perfect, and you place them on a pedestal. In case you notice some imperfections, you take them as very small to worry about. At the same time, another person may always mention your mistakes and explain the absence of strong bounds by them. You can hear numerous accusations and no praise at all. Moreover, you think that it is okay, and get upset because of your own imperfection. 

You focus all your attention on the person

Can’t study or work because of constantly thinking about your significant other? Perhaps you could see such a scene in one of the numerous movies about unrequited love. This is when people focus all their attention to the person they like. They check their phone a few times per hour to see whether a significant other has answered the message. They forget about their own wishes and dreams and are ready to do everything to please another person. 

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What Causes Unrequited Love? – Top Reasons

Have you ever read unrequited love quotes? Some of them tell about the reasons for unrequited love. Knowing the causes, you may avoid getting into such a situation, and build a healthy relationship with a person who cares about you, instead. 

So, one of the most common reasons is the opportunity to stay safe. You are crazy about the person and do not see any imperfections. You are dreaming to be together, touching, and discussing different topics. Still, you can get that because this particular person will never be yours. But the idea of having someone you love lets you live your life. You should not go for any risks that a usual relationship includes. This is why you may be so attracted to unrequited love. As for other people who are dealing with this case, it will be difficult to understand their reasons as it is more about them than about you. While researchers keep exploring the reasons for unrequited love, you should start acting. Can unrequited love ever become requited? Well, let’s see. 

Tips on Dealing with Unrequited Love

If you do not want to be in safety, and are ready to take all risks and prizes that mutual love comes with, then consider the following tips. 

Take time to grieve and think

Unrequited love usually comes up with depression and deep heartbreak. The moment when you realize that the person will never respond to your feelings, makes you hesitate about your own worth. Perhaps you are going to go through quite difficult times. That’s why it is important to stop and look around. Give yourself some time to grieve and think. Of course, you can pretend that nothing has happened and do your best to smile widely. But what next? You risk repeating these patterns again and again. It is important to analyze the situation, especially if it repeats a few times. Why do you experience such an attachment style?  It is connected with the parent-child issue? This is what you should think about. 

Try to be busy

How to get over unrequited love? Once you grieve and analyze everything, you should go to the next step. Being busy is the best cure for any depression and negative thoughts. You can start a new hobby or see your friends more often. Do something to distract from unrequited love. Step by step, you will be able to forget about it as time is the best medicine. Just one more thing – avoid visiting places which you have been to together. Chatting with common friends is not also the best idea. Finally, stop following the person on social media and find activities that will take all your time and thoughts. 

Work on yourself

Often, dealing with unrequited love comes up with a lowering of self-esteem. Therefore, you should start working on yourself at once. Take every opportunity to invest in yourself. You simply need positive energy, new knowledge, and skills. All this will greatly contribute to your self-esteem. It is also recommended to rethink your plans and goals to understand where to go. Realizing your true wishes is also of great importance. Choose people and things that fill you with positive energy. All your body and consciousness are starving for it after experiencing unrequited love.

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Approach a specialist

In case none of the above-mentioned things has helped you, approaching a specialist may be a good idea. Experts will help you overcome sadness, desperation, anger, and other feelings that you go through at the moment. It will be easier to explore your patterns, get rid of negative thoughts, and get back to a normal life.

Let’s Recap

Getting over unrequited love is possible. Once you realize the situation, you should do your best to move on. Experts are sure that dealing with unrequited love is a great experience if you take it properly. It is important to invest in yourself and avoid any depression that usually walks hand in hand with this type of attraction. Finally, remember that you should be your own priority and until you love yourself, nobody will love you with all their heart. 

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