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Office affairs are common today. Indeed, we spend most of our lives at work, so in the end, this is the most obvious place to meet people and start relationships. Not every company’s policy encourages office romances. However, what can they do? Not everyone can tame their hearts, right? 

Workplace romance statistics show that 70% of people experienced dating a coworker secretly or would like to have a relationship. Only 30% of them married a colleague. If such records do not confuse you much and the desire to find out which of your colleagues is in love with you is strong, then explore the signs that you are unable to see. 

Top 7 Sings Female Coworker Likes You

signs female coworker likes me

Signs that your coworker likes you can be carefully disguised as office etiquette. The work environment most often changes the way we show empathy in everyday life. The office has its own language to speak, in which people try to talk about their feelings. Analyze all the described signs, and you will understand that perhaps someone is interested in you, but you do not notice it. 

1. You are frequently involved in cooperation together 

If you notice that you have more projects with the same person, then most likely it happens for a reason. It’s a chance for a woman to spend more time with you and get to know you better. Of course, she will not miss the moment to put her best foot forward. Remember, everything that’s done regularly forms a habit. That is why your coworker strives to be involved in working with you.

2. She asks lots of personal questions 

If every time you meet your coworker, she asks about personal things, then she is clearly not interested in you just as a colleague. The questions may seem very inappropriate to you. For example: “Did you have fun after work? I hope you didn’t get home too late.” or “I heard you like Italian or French cuisine.I’ve been crazy about Asian food lately.” In the first case, she tries to figure out if you have anyone to spend time with, while in the second one, she aims to hint at a dinner invitation. 

3. You have lunch together

At first, you may not think that it is strange to see her at lunch. However, if this happens for at least a month at the same time, then it’s not without a reason. It may sound scary, but she has followed you to learn what time you usually have lunch. This is another chance for a woman to hang out with you in the hopes that you will show interest in her. 

4. She doesn’t miss a chance to be around you outside the office

Probably not all colleagues attend corporate events and want to spend time with their coworkers outside of work. However,  she does. The woman uses this chance to reveal herself brighter to you since the work environment constrains and forces her to mind limits. Most likely, she will try to be in the spotlight so that you do not lose sight of her.

5. She’s trying to reach you through social media

This is the most common sign that she is not indifferent to you. First, she subscribes to you, then she likes your posts and writes comments. This is the easiest way to get in touch with someone you like. The lady can also write to you in private messages, saying that she wants to clarify something about the work.

6. She helps you more often than other colleagues 

Let’s be honest, it’s not often that you can get support or a good piece of advice from your colleagues. However, a girl who is in love with you will try to help whenever it is required. If she continues to help you, then you mean a lot to her. 

7. She touches you by accident 

The icing on the cake for all this is accidental touching. Take a closer look; maybe she hands you papers for too long or drops something on purpose for you to help her. If a girl is very self-assured, she may even pat you on the shoulder. 

The Most Predictable Signs Married Coworker is Interested in You

Anything can happen in life, and even married people can have feelings for a third person. Want to know if it’s you? These most typical signs will help you understand if a married female co-worker likes me. 

  1. She takes her eyes off when you look at her. She definitely prefers secretly watching you. Your sight makes her embarrassed. The woman doesn’t want you to find out about her feelings, since she’s married.
  2. She talks about her personal life. The woman will not discuss her private life with someone she doesn’t trust. Moreover, if she tells you about her family life problem’s then she wants you to be her consolation. 
  3. She hides her wedding ring. Surely she cannot secrete the fact that she is married, but she can hide an annoying accessory that reminds her of this. It can be a sign for you to communicate with her. 
  4. She changes her appearance. If, after a couple of conversations, you notice that your coworker has a new hairstyle, or she has changed her clothing style, then it may mean that she wants to please you. 

There are also body language signs a female coworker likes you, such as biting her lips, touching her hair, or moving her legs. However, a married woman shows interest with special caution. She does it in such a way that at any moment she can refer to a misunderstanding, saying that nothing is going on between you.

What to Do if I Have a Crush on My Female Coworker

crush on my female coworker

If you are unable to resist your feelings and are secretly in love with a coworker, then you should consider some aspects of having a romance at the workplace.

  • Keep your relationships away from your colleagues. Refrain from discussing your relationship with your work buddies. This will only encourage rumors and gossip. Moreover, one of the main rules for the majority of companies is the prohibition of relationships between colleagues. 
  • Leave work at the office. It is clear that many people accumulate a lot of things during a day of work and want to share their problems with a loved one. However, work can consume you. Allow yourself to be lovers outside of the office.
  • Remember the consequences of your choice. Of course, you should be positive, but think about everything in advance. Keep in mind that if the relationship is unsuccessful, then problems will arise at work. Will you be able to sacrifice your position, or are you ready to see each other every day?
  • Don’t sort things out at work. This is not right either way you look at it. All personal matters should remain outside the office doors. If this happens,  get ready to receive a reprimand from your boss. 
  • Think twice before having relationships with your chief. Research shows that such relationships are perceived more negatively. Colleagues will treat you with contempt and make fun of you in every possible way.
  • Avoid using corporate email to communicate with each other. The email and other accounts in your name belong to the company and can be easily monitored. Therefore, you should not use them for personal purposes, because nothing should distract you at the workplace.

Dating a Coworker Secretly: Is it a Good Idea?

Liking a coworker and dating her is twofold. Regular communication and time spent together help love blossom. You see each other often, and maybe you have a lot in common. It’s convenient since you don’t need extra time for dating to let your relationship grow. Also, dating a coworker makes you more efficient. You may spend more time in the office, which leads to career advancement. 

If you are at the same position level, then, in general, your colleagues will have a positive attitude. However, if one of you occupies a leadership position, then this will obviously cause some suspicion and indignation. That is why dating a coworker secretly is not a bad idea, as long as it has a positive impact on you and the office environment.

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