Does She Like Me More Than a Friend

Does friendship between a man and a woman exist? This question worries so many people despite their age and nationality. Some are sure that it is possible, while others refuse to believe that. In case you for the second group and want something more with a girl, then it is high time to stop hesitating. You can learn top signs and find out the answer “Does she like me more than a friend?”. As a result, you will avoid related disappointment, and understand whether the game is worth the candle and whether you should risk your friendship for sake of love.

Does She Like Me More Than a Friend Signs

To be or not to be that is the question… Do you remember where this phrase comes from? Probably Shakespeare’s heroes wouldn’t ask silly questions. You are not going to do that as well. Knowing 10 signs of does she like me more than a friend wlw will let you settle everything down without any risks. 

1. She keeps long eye contact

Long eye contact has always been one of the green flags for couples. Of course, it may be of a different character, but after all, the meaning is the same. If the girl holds the gaze for a few moments, it may indicate that she is flirting with you.  Don’t get your eyes as well and look what will happen next. 

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2. She touches you

Physical closeness is one of the signs telling that there is something more than friendship between you two. Does the girl often touch you? It means she wants to be closer. Even a light touch indicates a high level of romantic sympathy. This is when you can do a step forward and do the same. Does she feel comfortable? Great, the answer to does she like me more than a friend quiz will be positive. 

3. She wants to spend more time

Of course, friends hang out together often, but if a romantic feeling is growing between you two, then the girl may be eager to spend more time with you. Does she seek the opportunity to see you again? Does she offer to visit some places together? Well, the answer to does she like me more than a friend quiz for adults is evident. The girl has romantic affection for you, and it is high time to move forward. 

4. She loves your sense of humor

Actually, you have pretty nice chances to build a romantic affair with your friend if she laughs at your jokes. Not every man can make a lady laugh, so if you do – it is almost a victory. Simply put, the girl feels confident and relaxed by your side. This is a true indicator that she doesn’t mind getting closer to you. 

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5. She pays you compliments

Does the girl notice all changes about you? Does she pay you compliments all the time? If the girl admits how well you look, or what great music taste you have, then she admires you. It also says that the lady wants to make you feel fine and pleased. Agree, a person who is interested only in friendship, won’t waste a lot of effort and time to let you feel your superiority. 

6. She asks you for a piece of advice

If she asks you for a piece of advice, it means that your opinion is important to her. Everything is even more serious if she is wondering what is your idea about something too personal or intimate. Nothing is special in case she asks what vase to choose for her new apartment. However, you should admit if she wants you to help with an outfit for a party or the first day at the office. Do you see the difference?  

7. She discusses a topic of relationship with you

A girl who is ready to have a romantic commitment with you, is wondering about your opinion on this or that issue. It is important for her to know what is your attitude on a single-family budget, a perfect day off, or important purchases for the house. The girl tries to learn your goals and dreams. She aims to understand your image of the perfect connection and whether ultimatums in relationships are okay for you. That’s why she may often involve you in related discussions and encourage you to express your point of view.

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Does the girl often ask you so many questions? If she is really curious about everything that is related to you and your life, then she may consider you to be more than just a friend. Of course, friends know a lot about each other, but you will feel that line when you mean more to her than just a dear person. She will ask again and again what happens in your life, why you are sad, what your boss told you the day before, etc. Her presence in your routine increases every single day. Soon, it will be difficult to ignore that. 

9. She wants to make you laugh

Does she like me as more than a friend? Surely, if she does everything possible to make you laugh and cheer up. Let’s imagine, you had a difficult day at work or college. A good friend will try to ask what has happened and show some kind of support. But the girl who is interested in a more close relationship, will not stop until she sees a smile on your face. It means that you are not just some of her comrades or friends. It’s evident – she likes you!

10. She is active with your posts on social media

Of course, friends actively interact with your social media posts, but it looks different if it is the girl who has a romantic affection for you. She may use another style of comments, do not miss any of your posts and stories. A girl who wants to be just a friend will hardly ever reply to every your stories. If she does – it is a reason for you to think that she follows your social activity and doesn’t want to miss any of your news. 

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Does She Like Me More Than a Friend Test

As you can see there are lots of signs that can help you identify whether the girl likes you more than just a friend.  In case you still have some hesitations, then there are a few steps that you can take and clear everything at once:

  • Try to touch the girl more and decrease physical distance gradually. Observe her reaction. Does she feel well? Can you say that she likes that? 
  • Prolong eye contact and do not distract during the conversation. What is her response? Does she feel comfortable or not?
  • Initiate discussions about relationships and wonder whether she finds friendship an important ground for successful commitment. 
  • Invite her around your house to watch a film at her busy hour. If she refuses but explains why and suggests planning a meeting at another time, then it means that she cares about your feelings. 
  • Try to make her laugh. If she sincerely smiles at your jokes and doesn’t mind listening to them again and again, then you are really important to her.

Taking this test will let you make the final decision on whether to risk asking your friend on a date or kissing her.  Just do not hurry up with conclusions, and act gradually. If you appreciate your friendship, then it is better to make sure that it can grow into something more rather than being ruined by wrong actions.

Summing – up

Does she like me more than a friend is quite a difficult issue that you are going to deal with. It is not the best idea to risk your warm relationship in case you are not completely sure that the lady feels the same way as you do. Explore mentioned above signs to evaluate the situation better, and understand what actually goes on between you and the girl. Remember that friendship goes hand in hand with love, so it is quite normal if at some point you ask yourself “Does she like me more than a friend?”.

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