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Do you remember when your relationship with your wife has only begun? What was your connection like? Perhaps the spark between you made your entire life awesome. You enjoyed long walks, kissing, and warm hugging. Probably then you could not even imagine that you would say “I hate my wife” someday. But unfortunately, it happened. Why? What has impacted that? Well, in fact, there are so many reasons that make you think “I hate my wife and want to leave her”. Let’s find out them first, and then see what you can do to change the situation. 

I Hate My Life I Hate My Wife: 7 Main Reasons

Let’s face the truth: realizing that you have negative feelings for your spouse is not the best thing you may experience. But, it happened and there is no way back. The main task now is to understand why thoughts like “I hate my wife I hate my life” appear in your head. Eventually, you will identify the point which you should start with to change everything for the better.  So, here are the most widespread reasons why guys say “Sometimes I hate my wife”.

She wants to change you

What is the main rule of every healthy and happy relationship? Partners should accept each other just as they are. If your woman constantly tries to change you, she risks making you feel sad, unhappy, and even aggressive. At the very beginning, she might even like some stuff about you, but over time, she changed her mind. If the lady regularly keeps saying that you are too slow, or you should change your workplace, or stop eating meat, and you do not want any of this – your marriage starts facing big problems. Who on the whole of Earth would like to listen to their own weaknesses or imperfections? Probably, nobody. Step by step, the distance between you two starts to increase, and thoughts like “I hate my wife sometimes’ appear in your head.  You simply can’t keep listening to her complaints related to your personality all the time. It makes your life just intolerable. 

You fight all the time

Do you argue all the time? Even if the smallest thing makes you experience the worst emotions, and start the fight – well, your connection sees the bad times.  Of course, in general, arguing is okay for a relationship, until they start to offend somebody’s feelings. You should not start to worry if you come to a result that satisfied both partners. But if during the fight, some of you criticizes the choice, preferences, decisions, or ideas of another one, it may result in thoughts like “I hate my wife and want a divorce”. Mind that constant stress at home is not the best ground for awesome connection, and if it is the only thing that you have after coming back home, then the change in your attitude to your wife is not surprising at all. 

She decides everything without you

Despite the issue, any happy couple with a good relationship will make decisions taking into account the opinions of both partners. Work, house, kids, rest, or whatever you are discussing is equally referred to both to a wife and a husband. Since, if your lady starts to make all decisions only on her own – you have reasons to get angry and say “I think I hate my wife”. It is not okay for any marriage. You have equal rights to make the decision that impact your life this or that way.  A woman should realize that if she doesn’t involve her spouse in discussions and making decisions, it may result in incredible marriage problems. 

what should i do if i hate my wife

You have poor-quality physical intimacy

Perhaps most couples have wild sex at the beginning of their relationships. Over time, passion is decreasing and you do not behave like horny teenagers anymore. You notice that your wife doesn’t want you which makes you feel unwanted and unnecessary. Sex is crucial for couples, and if you do not have it as often as you want, you may get disappointed, angry, and even say “I hate my wife and I hate being married”. All your realtionship expectations are almost destroyed. This is a red flag that you can’t ignore anymore. 

She is sure she is better than you

Does your wife treat you like an equal? If not, then it is not strange that you want to learn more on I hate my wife Reddit. Both partners should have equal rights and obligations. Thinking that someone is better and has more space to act in their own way without asking another one – is harmful to connection. In case the lady treats you like an immature man, you have a real reason to get nervous. After all, you are not worse than she, but if the woman thinks so, then why you should put up with that? I hate my wife jokes do not seem to be funny anymore. You deserve to be heard, respected, and cared for. 

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She doesn’t care about expenditures

Have you ever taken the “Do I hate my wife quiz”? It contains lots of questions related to finances. The way your wife behaves with expenditures may say a lot about her attitude to you. It is natural for you to get angry and stressed in case she doesn’t mind her spending, and avoids any related responsibilities. Couples who have healthy relationships, always discuss budgets together. As a result, partners enjoy the process of spending money in a sensible way. However, you may be irritated in case your spouse is selfish in the question of expenditures. If she thinks only about her needs and desires, then you have a complete right to say “I hate my wife but I love my kid”.

You contribute more to your relationship

Having a family is both a pleasure and a responsibility. Both partners should contribute to relationships equally. In case, you do more while your wife doesn’t care at all – you are prone to search the way out on Reddit I hate my wife. Stop for a while and analyze whether you feel alone being involved in householding chores, upbringing kids, paying the bills, etc.. What about your wife? Is she beside you in all this stuff? If your answer is negative, then having questions like “Why do I hate my wife so much?” is not surprising at all. 

i hate my wife for cheating

What Do I Do If I Hate My Wife?

You get used to the sun rising every day similar to living with your wife for so many years. Perhaps no family can avoid fights, arguments, crises, and other related things. Still, if you want to save the warmth and closeness, you should accept the situation and try to find the solution to “I hate my wife what should I do”. Here are a few nice ideas that may help you, and make your life easier. 

Take a pause

Sometimes a person needs to stop and stare instead of hurrying with conclusions and quick decisions. It is the best way to stay face-to-face with your own problems, hesitations, and worries. Distance yourself from the situation for a while. Focusing your attention on why do I hate my wife doesn’t look helpful. What if to look at things from another angle? It may help even if now you are sure that you can’t go on living with her under the same roof. Breathe out, calm down and try to get rid of negative emotions. Otherwise, you risk making mistakes that you will regret afterward. 

Analyze behavior of both of you

While looking for the answer on “I hate my wife what do I do?”, try to consider your behavior as well.  Maybe there is something wrong you? Maybe you have some faults too? It is important to understand that everything has its reason and its consequences. Therefore, specialists recommend stopping saying “It is you, not me”, and analyzing the issue at a deeper level. Think about what changes about yourself you can do. You also may ask your wife’s opinion and listen to what she is going to tell you. in fact, it may help greatly.

Spend more time together

What about spending quality time together? Recall the last situation when you were alone with your wife. It is not about cleaning the house or purchasing clothes for kids. It’s just you and she did something that both of you like. Maybe it is high time to arrange an interesting activity to have a good time and decrease the distance between you?  This way you can leave all worries behind, and focus attention on each other without distracting to unimportant stuff. 

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Install new family rules

A relationship that is full of respect, care, love, and attention has all chance to survive despite any possible difficulties. You can reach such a level by establishing family rules that let both of you feel safe and important. Maybe in this case, you will not have to type I hate my wife after having a baby Reddit. You and your spouse will have enough personal space,  and still be eager to spen time together. 

Approach a good therapist

In case nothing helps you on the problem “I hate my wife and kids”, consider a consultation at an experienced therapist. In fact, family therapy is your last chance to overcome all available difficulties and find out a way out. Find a good specialist and share the problem you deal with. You will be impressed, by how cool and efficient solutions the expert will provide you with. They will point out things that you might have not noticed even, and let you look at them from a new angle. 

Final Thoughts

The only thing that you should mind is that having problems and even saying “I hate my wife”  is a common thing for many couples. The idea is to realize that something goes wrong between you and you need to fix it asap. As you can see, the reasons are numerous, and sometimes you may even face a few of them at the same time. Try to follow the recommendations to deal with the problem. Mind that there is no right decision in this situation. Only you know what is best for you. Of course, you can listen to endless podcasts, and visit a therapist together with your spouse or on your own, but the only way to be happy is to listen to your heart and do what makes you happy. Even if now you feel bad, and think that leaving your wife is the best decision for you – it’s okay. Sometimes, you need to weather the storm to see the sun.

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