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If you like a guy but he doesn’t demonstrate the same affection to you, then you can discover how to get a boy to like you more. You just need to follow a few simple but effective recommendations and enjoy the result. Mind that they are common, and you should adjust them according to the situation.

7 Steps on How to Get a Guy Want You

In case you notice that your healthy relationship is worsening, and no techniques help you back the attention of your man, then instead of just saying “I want you I want you more”, you should start to act. These steps on how to get a guy to like you back will surely help you cope with the situation.

1.      Love yourself more

Let’s face the truth, no guy wants a woman who doesn’t love herself. It is not about getting selfish and focusing totally on your personality. You just need to ask yourself “Do I love myself?”, and answer sincerely. If the answer is negative, then you should not get upset as there are a few ways to fix it, and then go to other steps on how to get boys to like you. For example, you are not satisfied with your shape. It means that you should go in for sport, walk more and consider your menu. If you find your own style a little bit outdated, then why not to get a consultation with a fashion expert? This way, you can buy some great clothes and feel more confident. The same works for other aspects. So, you just need to highlight your weak points and start to work with them. Once you are done, the path to get a guy to like you will be much decreased. Mind your smell. Guys may easily get crazy if you use some nice perfume or cream.

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2.      Have your own life

This is not a new rule to make a man fall in love with you. But it is very effective. If you do not understand what it means, then keep reading. Having your own life means that you should have your own hobbies and interests. Of course, you need to show that you like spending time together, but your life doesn’t stop when you are alone. If your man realizes that you need him all the time, and your life is devoted to him completely, then he will stop respecting you and trying to impress you. Hence, if you want to know how to get a man to like you, then you should pay more attention to your own life. In this case, he will try to be a part of it, spend more time together, and care about your relationship.

3.      Be fun and easy-going

Another secret on how to make a guy interested in you is to be fun.  If you look boring during the conversation, the man will quickly lose interest and stop chatting with you. The things are opposite if you look fun and involved. He will be eager to talk more and more.  There is hardly a guy who likes pessimistic and annoying women. Most men look for positive energy in ladies. They choose right such women as they can get incredible inspiration and achieve more with such a partner by their side. So, if you want to know how to make any guy fall for you, start to be easy-going and avoid looking dull.

4.      Flirt and play with man

Staying fun and easy-going is surely great, but being flirty is even better. Devote more time to smiling, flirting, and teasing your man. But mind not to go far away. If flirting takes most of your communication, then the guy will worry that he can’t have a normal conversation with you. So, a balance is important. All in all, spiking the emotions that is possible while flirting is a good way on how to make men fall in love with you.

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5.      Be active in bed

The last secret on how to get the guy you want is improving sexual intercourse. You are recommended to demonstrate all your skills, and stay active in bed.  If you prove to be skillful, then your man will not even think about meeting other women. Luckily, there are tons of tutorials on how to keep your man happy in bed which you can watch and learn something new. Find out what he likes more, and try to impress him all the time. Study new sex positions, visit a sex shop, and keep the man wanting you all the time.

6.      Surprise him

It doesn’t mean that you should constantly arrange surprises for your man. It must be his role. But guys like pleasant and sexy surprises as well. Therefore, another step on how to get him to like you are working out a plan to please him. It may be some small surprise, last-minute plans to do, etc. Actually, most men appreciate women’s effort and get an incredible dose of inspiration.

7.      Keep distance

There is no better way on how to make him like you than keep distance. The man should fight for your attention, and time, so give him such an opportunity. We are not talking about a complete and sudden disappearance. You just need to keep up the fire between you two. Simply put, you will not have any problems with how to make a guy fall for you if you make him miss you.

Final Thoughts

Many women are wondering how to get him to like me, and this is not surprising at all. Building a relationship requires constant attention, as once you lose it, you will not be able to back everything to normal. This how to get the guy com guide contains the most important points that will help you reach your goal. Do not give up if you do not

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